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I keep my old day/week planners. There's just so much information in there that I don't want to part with! Taking a look at them makes a great trip down memory lane =)

Collecting Your Wall Calendars Over the Years
9/21/10 05:44 PM

When I throw dinner parties with my close group of friends we all cook together. We usually do two appetizers, two main courses and we bring 3 or four different desserts. Obviously we start early and end very, very late.

The first time we did it, maybe 4 years ago at Christmas time, was epic! Everyone remembers trying to fill cannelloni with very hot bolonhesa sauce and getting burned fingers! Now every year we do one or two of these dinner parties, it has become a tradition =)

What Was the Best Dinner Party You Ever Went To? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/19/10 02:00 PM

I have the previous version and I'm super happy with it! Lightweight, portable, long lasting bateries... this version with water protection seems very cool, but the design looks a little more geometric, so not so appealing to me!

Sony Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/13/10 08:52 PM

Left over home made chicken chilli and a banana.

What's For Lunch Today? Yogurt and a Spring Salad | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/13/10 07:00 PM

You can actually add the olive oil with the garlic raw to the octopus and potatoes and left it boil while the food cooks ;)

And in my house we'd add a bit of picante (I think it's a type of dried and powered chilli) just to spice it up!

Reader Recipe from Portugal: Polvo à Lagareiro | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/9/10 03:12 PM

I set the table for breakfast the night before. Place mat, cereal bowl, spoon, glass. Makes it so much easier in the morning ;)

Kitchen Organization Tips for the Morning Rush | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/9/10 12:48 PM

I have a cute laundry basket in the bathroom. I has a mesh net inside, so whenever I want to do a wash I just close the mesh and I'm ready to go ;)

Hiding Laundry in a Small Home Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
4/7/10 03:26 PM

Well, I currently have one serving as holder for my kitchenware - serving spoons, peeler, chopping knives, etc

And I use another one to hold stuff before going to compose. This way I don't have to walk outside in the freezing cold everyday just to use the composing bin =)

Maybe using it for a small potted plant, if you cut some holes in the bottom, would also be an ideia.

How Can I Reuse Plastic Yogurt Containers? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/2/10 01:52 PM

I've lived almost all my life in Europe (moved to Canada six months ago tho go to grad school) and never had central heating there. Granted, the temperatures rarely went below 5 Celsius, but it still sucks coming home and it being only 3 or 4 degrees warmer than outside. But it's manageable, if you're not below freezing temperatures for too long ;)

Could You Live Without Central Heat In The Winter? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/22/10 11:00 PM