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The most important point to this discussion is SAVING ENERGY. Whether you are heating or cooling, proper insulation will provide the HIGHEST PAYBACK of any material in your home. The cost to insultate with proper materials will be paid for and producing savings faster than granite countertops or walk-in closets.

Many home builders cut corners in this important step because it is not visible. Cheap products such as fiberglass are often used as a poor alternative to SPRAY FOAM, CELLULOSE, and other new insulation innovations. Fiberglass companies claim to be producing high "R" value products from recycled content. Fiberglass is made from spinning molten glass into hair like fibers. This requires huge gas fired furnaces to produce and negates any supposed benefit.

Even when using the proper products, many contractors install them incorrectly. "R" Value means RESISTANCE TO HEAT FLOW. The measurements are recorded in a labratory testing chamber without obstructions such as water pipes, gfi, electrical panels, hvac, etc. These areas can create pockets void of insulation. To make a proper factory "R" value, the home must be AIR-SEALED. Air-Sealing prevents air from escaping through the floors ceilings and walls. This is acheived by surrounding the house with a SEAMLESS insulation ENVELOPE. By limiting convective drafts you can keep more energy in the home.

To find out if your contractor is certified as a GREEN BUILDER, or recieve information regarding the proper insulation of your home visit one of the many experienced experts. EnergySeal Systems., an emerging Building systems firm based in the North West that provides the highest quality of service nationwide. Using the latest in building envelope technology, they are experts in the field with over 30 years experience. From residential to commercial, they have saved home owners and businesses millions of dollars in energy savings.
They can recommend contractors in your area.

New construction and renovation projects that focus on using quality insulation materials can be the fastest way to limit our national energy consumption. Many states even offer programs to pay for the costs to use LEED certified., insulation contractors.

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