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Pesto is like the refrigerator cleaner of sauces ... I've made beautiful ones with fennel fronds, arugula and Vietnamese coriander ... even pea leaves work well! As far as storage, as long as it's in the fridge with a layer of oil, it will stay bright green. Thanks for the roundup!

A Few Good Sauces for the Solo Cook Cooking for One
6/27/12 09:57 AM

Buy an avocado tree. Ours went into bloom for the first time this year, and the number and variety of bees was staggering!

Help Them Help You: Attracting Bees to Your Garden
5/4/12 11:30 AM

Yellow Tail moscato has a nice little frizzante that lifts the sweetness. Hopefully moscato won't go down the marketing path and get acidioc and tart like "new" riesling.

The Exceptional Rise of Moscato
Wine Trends 2012

2/2/12 02:18 PM

The Logitech Marble Mouse. I love it, even bought three when the company discontinued it for a short time.

The Difference in Happiness the Right Tools Make
11/21/11 11:25 PM

Not to mention, how on earth does one conduct a book signing on an ebook?

A Bookworm's eReader Experience
6/20/11 10:26 AM

The artful itamai-san will have cut the fish just thick enough so that it quite literally cooks on the tongue. As Rachael said, eat purposefully, experience the change in texture and taste.

What Is the Best Way to Eat Sushi?
Good Questions

5/27/11 10:33 AM

The Calphalon so-called "Everyday" pan in their commercial line is just hard-anodized, not nonstick, but once it seasons (like cast iron) it is beautifully unsticky and downright indestructible. I do indeed use it every day.

Emma's Favorite Pan: Calphalon Nonstick Sauté Pan
3/17/11 04:42 PM

I've been using the Zoom H1 for several months, same mic array as the Q3. No video, but astounding sound quality, fits in your shirt pocket, and costs less than 100 bucks.

Pro Quality Digital Audio Recording In Your Hand
3/1/11 04:13 PM

Grab a tip from our last visit to Nassau ... sky juice! Coconut water, sweet condensed milk and gin -- sounds disgusting but boy is it good!

What Are Some Great Uses for Coconut Juice?
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2/15/11 05:10 PM

Let's see, wait for a potential phone call or spend time with this stunning girl ...

Do You Switch Off Your Phone When You Are With Friends?
Tech Etiquette

11/18/10 10:20 PM

"Ochre" is a color. Okra is bindi or "lady fingers". Thanks for the recipe.

South Indian Simplicity: Pongal
9/23/10 03:07 PM

We have the exact same unit. When we added an upstairs to out wee cottage, the new stairway cut across the area where the entertainment stand, er, stood. So I took the top section off, put the tv on the lower section, then cut the two side cabinets apart from the top and put them either side of the fireplace. Made for a custom-looking fireplace surround with matching entertainment area.

Entertainment Center Recycled Into Shelves! Reader DIY Project | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/22/10 05:25 PM