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Love it! So Canadian!

Natalie and Kevin's Perfect Parkdale Perch House Tour
8/30/12 08:13 PM

My daughter and I are in the process of decorating her bedroom and we found this post inspiring and beautiful! The beds are awesome and I'm sure won't be a problem get in and out of. She particularly liked the carpet and the long desk. The the craft area with the yarn displayed on the wall is a great idea.

Rustic Hip Teen Bedroom at
The Pioneer Woman's Ranch Home By Novogratz

8/6/12 10:32 AM

I can sew, but I can't type well. lol

Take or Leave This Craigslist Find? Good Questions
5/14/12 12:44 PM

I'd get it!!! It is def 60's . I think we had the matching arm chair in our basement growing up. The seats look saggy , so I would buy new foam and possibly recover the seats if the fabric is too worn, in a complimentary fabric. I like it when the seats don't match. Shows history in the piece. I hate new looking furniture anywasy.I can sew, so that's not a problem for me. You'd have to decide if you could do it yourself or afford to have it done. I love the wide arms and the fact it is a sectional. So cool.

Take or Leave This Craigslist Find? Good Questions
5/14/12 12:43 PM

Thank-you for this post, there is much to ponder here. "They go away from you." I know this feeling.

Melting the Walls & Opening Up to Love
Weekend Meditation

4/13/12 09:34 PM

Great! I've been waiting for this. If I knew then what I know now, I would have found myself a man who waxes the butcher block...for FUN. You are a wonderful man. sigh.

Day 1: Clean One Room
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/24/11 01:10 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! LOve the colours and textures. What's with the Raid though? I realize the can matched the vignette, but ...?

An Autumn Escape to Fire Island
House Call

10/3/11 02:36 PM

runswithscissors got it right with Stuart Little. Loved that house, could hardly pay attention to the movie.

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 07:42 PM

The red brick gets my every time. Number one is the one for me. That green sofa goes on and on. Love it.

Color Hunting: Inspiring Color Families
The Color Cure

8/2/11 05:51 PM

When I'm expecting company I order everyone to get their "stuff" (insert another word here) off the coffee table. When and if they do so, the table holds one large tile mosaic plate/bowl that a dear friend created for me and a few magazines or books. Right now, it is covered with jewellery making supplies. My daughter is busy making pieces that she sells at the local farmer's market. I really can't complain because she is being creative and productive.

What's On Your Coffee Table?
7/12/11 10:29 AM

I bought an Eileen Gray glass and chrome side table for $30 at an antique barn.

You Paid WHAT for That? Best Secondhand Finds Ever
6/21/11 02:54 PM

Thank-you for this. I was just out today looking at what Ikea had to offer for countertops. I think I like the oak butcher block for one counter and maybe soapstone on the other. Now to decide on a sink...

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Countertops: Pros & Cons
6/7/11 03:49 PM

Thanks, House on Clinton. You've got a great etsy store. The cab fare machine is wonderful!
Thank-you PhotobugLA as well.

Wild & Wonderful Wallpaper from Coast to Coast
5/30/11 07:45 PM

I love wallpaper. I was so surprized to see my paper here in Beth's house. I used it in a very different way but, I love her style. Here's mine!

Wild & Wonderful Wallpaper from Coast to Coast
5/30/11 10:47 AM

Love the chainsaw, the wallets, the red refrigerator, the tile floor, and the shear wonderfulness of it all. Excellent job!

Jon's Absolute Art Anarchy
House Tour

5/16/11 03:04 PM

I have a bathroom off the dining area as well. I have an old house and it just is what it is. I do keep the door closed during meals and often suggest to guests to use the powder room which is located off the living area.
Lovely condo. Great pieces and I love the stairs.

Lorena & Ryan's Retro Inspired Condo
House Tour

4/19/11 04:48 PM

so cool. the pictures just get better and better. Favourites; bedroom wall, kitchen blue (wondering what it might be actually) and everything in the living room. Awesome job.

LonAnne's Vintage and Modern Texas Charmer
House Tour

4/3/11 12:21 PM

I think she did an awesome job. I was going to do this as well, but I'm okay with the way mine looks for now. Picture in this blog post

Before & After: Kirsten's Jazzed Up TV Credenza
6th Street Design School

3/24/11 09:59 AM

I've been dreaming of restoring an Airstream for many years. You've done a fabulous job here. Don't think I want to live in one though, even if it looks this good. Kudos to you guys for living a more simple paired down lifestyle.
Thanks for the information. I will tuck it away in case I get to live my dream one day.

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer
House Tour

3/10/11 08:09 AM

It just doesn't get any better than that. Thank-you for sharing.

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/8/11 12:39 PM