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Working outside of the home. As much as I often find myself wishing I worked from home, few things are better to me than coming home to a clean house. If I keep everything clean & tidy, home really feels like home, my space & a retreat from everywhere else. It's welcoming!

What Inspires You to Clean?
7/18/11 03:26 PM

Wood. So in my house I have wood. No sense in arguing with the paint people.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/2/11 07:33 PM

I spy Raphael's Baskets!

Simple Scandinavian Home
Rue Magazine

5/23/11 04:50 PM

My homelife is great, but I have a "problem" with my coworkers; & yes, clearly it is MY problem since they do not seem to care! Open drawers & cupboards, never cleaning out the refrigerator, not being helpful & refilling the coffee bar area, not washing out a coffee pot if one was left overnight & just getting a new one, the soggy sponge on the counter, filthy microwave, spills left on surfaces, etc.

I feel like the maid/mom cleaning up after them, but when I've tried to "relax" & leave them be it is a disaster area - & this is just with 6 of us here. When we host events it is even worse & also includes the restrooms & pretty much any other space they have
Tazmanian Deviled. Such is life, I guess!

Which Household Habits Drive You Batty?
Reader Survey

5/11/11 03:46 PM

I adore the tea service. But I'm fond of macabre like that.

Limited Edition “Art Objects” for the Home
5/9/11 03:12 PM

Am I the only one who appreciates woodgrain? Everyone's kitchen should cater to their personal taste (& this kitchen does look very nice), but I would love a feature on keeping the cabinets & fixing up everything around them. Maybe there are some in the depths of the archives - off I go!

Before & After: Brightening Up the Kitchen Cabinets
Restoration House

5/5/11 12:19 AM

"…read a book if you have that much time on your hands!" Oh, spotteadteacups, you slay me!

Personally, I would rather an old book - that isn't rare - get recycled than turned into something like this which will eventually be past its prime, too. But, as I say often on here (or at least think it), to each his own.

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
4/28/11 06:51 PM

Hooray for my favourite table! Curves are nice, but straight is great for small spaces where one is often playing Tetris with their belongings.

I also like that while the Parsons style is essentially a modern design there is something primitive about it.

Quick History: The Parsons Table

4/28/11 01:39 PM

Hmm, I was going to also suggest a corner shelf for the floor, but then I wondered what type of bins would work for the oddly-shaped shelves. So, whatever works best for you, Kate.

(P.S. I hope you slimmed down the area, not slimed... ;) )

Before & After: A Quick Fix for a Struggling Corner
4/26/11 05:21 PM

Extra point for a brown(ish), boxy couch & 2 black Parsons tables for a coffee table. (I, too, have a brown, boxy couch & those 2 tables, though mine are separated. As it happens I also used to have an old school chair piled high with books & magazines. Are we the same person?!)

I love how your place looks lived in & how after a long day it is probably the best place to be - very comfy!

Laura's Patchwork Style
4/19/11 04:53 PM

If you are really going to put a plant in it, I would make sure it has a drainage hole, which most fish pots do not. If there isn't a hole, put the plant in a different container & then put it inside the pot.

Source For Inexpensive Blue & White Ceramic Planter?
Good Questions

4/8/11 02:12 PM

In an emergency, all loved ones, the guinea pig & a hideous (but I love it) Bavarian vase of my great-great grandmother's.

In a regular move, all of the above & probably my hand-me-down dresser. It was my grandparents' from a complete '60s bedroom set. It weighs a ton & has so many dings, but is has survived many moves & flights of stairs officially growing on me.

The One Thing I Just Can't Live Without
4/8/11 02:04 PM

Meh-ist all the way. Someone else might even be typing this up for me after receiving my comment via carrier pigeon.

What Type of Gadget Owner Are You?
4/6/11 12:41 PM

I've noticed that in posts about renting, there is often mention of removing/swapping features in the apartment or house. With AT's love of small spaces just where, exactly, is everyone storing the doors, hardware & occasionally light fixtures that they remove?

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Personalize an Apartment Kitchen
3/29/11 06:55 PM

I buy fresh flowers every week. Trader Joe's has good prices, but I am no longer living near one - boo!

I have found that Fresh & Easy floral prices are comparable, particularly the daffodils, & since they have weekly coupons in their mailers (& online if you sign up) I essentially get my flowers for "free".

When I have a few more dollars to play with the 3/$12 bunches at Albertson's are great, too.

Favorite Affordable Flowers for the Spring
3/29/11 04:37 PM

As I always say, if I don't have to live there, who cares what colour it is? BUT, if pressed, I would never like to look at chalkboard paint ever again. Black & dark grey sure, chalkboard no.

ColorTherapy: The Worst Colors For Interiors
3/29/11 02:44 PM

As another lover of brown, I find this gorgeous. (Also a fan of the orange KA mixer!) The organic textures really make this stand out, too. Excellent job!

Philip & Leona’s Wide Open Loft
House Tour

3/24/11 02:07 PM

Never a fan of the show, but I was partial to Samantha's Princess phone on Sex and The City.

(Also, hamburger phone for $9.99 at Uxcell. They have several other kitschy phones, too.)

Our Favorite Phones From Pop Culture, Film and TV
3/23/11 02:23 PM

"…leave us alone"? How offensive.

Dude Craft: Fresh Hand-Made Content
3/23/11 01:13 PM

Thank you, melange! I revisited this post just the other day to see if anyone had posted any information (must have been just prior to your comment!). I have searched all over, but to no avail. No presentation binders even come close.

Organized Inspiration: Creating Binders of Favorite Photos
3/18/11 01:32 PM