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Another Seattlite here! My story's a little different - I moved to Seattle for the second time in 2003. A couple months later, I met my (now ex) husband and he introduced me to his group of friends. Through those friends, I made even more friends and continue to make friends that way! I'm also always making new friends through my kids. It probably helps that I'm a friendly extrovert and will openly invite you to do things if we get along. I have friends with all different kinds of interests and love it.

If there is a Seattle AT meetup, I'm in!

10 Tried & True Tips: How to Make New Friends in a New City
4/4/13 01:55 PM

And you forgot to mention the Light Rail! And all of the neighborhoods to the south like Beacon Hill, Mt Baker, Columbia City, Leschi, Madrona...oh wait. That would make this article far too long.

A Renter's Life in Seattle: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renters Guide
3/19/13 02:58 PM

I recently tried for a week...I really tried. I switched to Yerba Mate. It was a miserable experience. Tea, no matter how good, was no substitute. I've had a love affair with coffee for 18 years and we're not breaking up anytime soon.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Survey: Could You Give Up Coffee?
1/10/09 05:56 PM

I bought the Clevercat per the many recommendations and one of my cats failed to use it. He decided to use my baby's car seat instead. It took me FOREVER to get the cat pee smell out.

Any advice on how to transition my kitties from using a covered litterbox to the Clevercat and avoid any more 'accidents'?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Cat Litter Boxes Roundup
7/9/08 12:25 PM

We've had Clearwire for almost a year now. It was a lifesaver when we moved into our improperly wired new townhome in Rainier Valley (Seattle) and couldn't get cable or DSL. It's not as fast as cable, but that's OK with us. The customer support, when we have had to call, has been great.

A friend of ours has Clearwire and lives on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Her connection is terrible and she hates it.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Experience with Clearwire?
11/18/07 06:01 PM

I just got rid of 2 partial gallons on Freecycle. I would have kept it around, but it's American Pride brand and I've been told it will go bad once it's been opened.

Paint Yourself Green by Recycling Paint
7/12/07 03:36 PM

I had my baby shower a couple of weeks ago and ran into a surprising issue. About half of what I registered for could only be purchased online. Most of my friends and family are last-minute shoppers so I got everything that could be bought in-store and only one gift that was online only and that's because it was a gift from someone who wasn't attending the shower! I ended up with gifts that I didn't register for - most of them I returned and then used the credit to purchase what we actually needed.

My sister helped me registered since she's a mom and could give me advice on what we would need and what we really do not need. Do you have a friend who could help you out with your registry?

Open Thread 17
7/11/07 12:23 PM

We bought the flowers for our wedding at Pike Place Market - all dahlias of various colors - for $70. If we would have had a florist provide the same, it would have cost 5 times that amount easily. I love that we have so many local flower farmers!

Pike Place Market
7/10/07 02:51 PM

I've been purchasing my paint from them - they are very helpful. My only gripe is that they close at 6pm during the week which limits me to picking up supplies on the weekend.

Environmental Home Center
7/6/07 03:56 PM

We used American Pride paint and furnished it completely off of Freecycle and Craigslist except for window treatments. I did my best in encouraging people to give us second-hand or organic fiber gifts, but only a few did so. I haven't had any luck finding used glass bottles or my preferred carrier (Moby wrap) so I'll be buying those new. We did get a new infant car seat, but that was for safety reasons. We are really lucky in that we have friends who's littlest is 10 months old so they stocked us up with gently used cloth diapers.

I considered returning the new gifts and buying replacements off of Craigslist / thrift stores, but we are on a time-crunch and that is just time consuming.

Survey: How Green is Your Nursery?
7/5/07 11:40 AM

I went to Ikea last night to try out this rocker and was disappointed in the limited rocking motion. Plus, I didn't find it very comfortable because it is so deep.

Although it's not a rocker, the Poang does rock some and I find it much more comfortable.

New IKEA Lillberg Rocker
6/19/07 08:24 PM

The first thought that ran through my head is that it would be great for camping. I could never bother to take a cooler for just a picnic, but always take one when we camp on long weekends.

Multi-function Cooler from Target
6/19/07 08:16 PM

We are going to do our best in keeping the TV off for the first several years of our little one's life (he's due in August). That is, at least while he's awake. Although we don't watch much TV, I don't think I could convince my husband to turn it off for a whole week - especially if he couldn't use his computer, too!

TV Turnoff Week
4/24/07 03:42 PM

So not my style, but really, really sexy.
Well done!

#8 - Gregg's White Wonder
4/12/07 12:32 PM

From the husband:
We have a component dvd player and the monitor only has one HDMI in the only switch that will accept component and HDMI and output to HDMI or DVI is at minimum $250.

If you know where we can find a switch that is less than $250, do tell!

He also got on me for calling it iTV. I have no idea where I picked that up from.

Review Roundup: Apple TV Alternatives
4/6/07 11:44 AM

My husband's the techie in the family, so I couldn't tell you why this would happen but it did. We download all of our content to our G5 located in our home office and would stream it over our wireless network. When doing this with the Mini, it would not stream. We'd have to move the content over to the Mini (time consuming) in order to view it properly and then delete it when done since the 80 gig hard drive would fill up quickly. With the iTV, there is no need for us to do this and the picture quality is better. We like to have a large library of content and ended up getting an external hard drive to connect to the Mini. Our entertainment center started to get really cluttered. Now it's much prettier with just the iTV.

We didn't really use Front Row. Sure, it was pretty, but it didn't make things easier with our set-up.

I'm not sure what connections our monitor has. It's the 30" Dell...I'll tell my hubby to look into it.

Review Roundup: Apple TV Alternatives
4/6/07 11:26 AM

My husband and I switched from using the Mac Mini to the iTV when it came out. Our TV is a 30" Dell monitor and we get all of the TV we watch from iTunes.

The biggest reason why we switched is because the Mini just wasn't powerful enough. Period. However, the iTV has its downfalls when it is your only source of TV watching. We love the interface and ease of use for watching things off of iTunes. It's definitely got the Mini beat in that aspect. The really big problem that we have encountered now: watching DVDs. My husband didn't do a large amount of research into this aspect before purchasing it. We can't connect our DVD player up to it and the adapter to do so is over $300.

I still prefer the iTV over the Mini, though. We no longer have a wireless keyboard and mouse always taking up space on our coffee table. We can watch content stream smoothly over our wireless network. We can rip most movies on another computer and then watch them using the iTV.

Review Roundup: Apple TV Alternatives
4/5/07 01:21 PM

That prize almost makes me wish I still had a small kitchen!

Do You Have a Small Kitchen? Enter Our Contest!!
4/4/07 03:09 PM