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Coordinate Mis-Matched Linens With Ribbon
Martha Stewart

5/20/11 08:03 PM

The bedroom paint is a gorgeous colour. The frame about the bed is a perfect contrast too!

Robert's Roomy Retrospective
House Tour

4/21/11 02:55 AM

Can you imagine if they ever had kids? Those toys would no longer be lined up nicely on the shelves like that. ;-p

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
House Tour

4/21/11 01:19 AM

Looking at the blue walls again I can safely say that I think they are DREADFUL!

Before & After: From Disaster to Delightful in 2 Days
2/3/11 05:33 AM

I like the 'before' and love the green walls. The blue walls are somewhat cold and clinical.

Before & After: From Disaster to Delightful in 2 Days
2/3/11 05:31 AM

That first room hurts my eyes.

Product Roundup: Wall Shelving
1/19/11 04:21 AM

I don't get why this is on the AT website either. This place just looks like a really grotty student dive. A clean of the filthy floorboards before the photos were taken wouldn't have gone astray.

Heather's Funky Bohemian Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments#comments#comments
5/4/10 06:49 AM

I really don't understand how this can be a renter friendly makeover??!! My real estate agent & landlord would totally freak out if I did something like this.

How To Repaint & Stencil Ugly Rental Vinyl Tile Flooring Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/27/10 09:48 AM