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taherold is right; in Eastern NC, at least, we call this chicken and pastry and use strips. There is nothing in the dish except the chicken, pastry, the broth from the chicken, salt, and pepper.

Here, only the drop ones are called dumplings.

Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings
12/31/10 09:21 AM

taherold is right; in Eastern NC, at least, we call this "chicken and pastry" and use strips. There is nothing in the dish except the chicken, pastry, the broth from the chicken, salt, and pepper.

Here, only the "drop" ones are called dumplings.

Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings
12/31/10 09:20 AM

I like the addition of the pillowcase, but you forgot to include it in the list of equipment.

How To Create a Slighty Self Cleaning iPad Sleeve | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/15/10 07:29 PM

Bojangles does have the best tea, that's for sure. Although I am a Southerner, I can't stand sun tea--it always tastes rancid to me. Bottled tea or the powdered stuff just taste off.

The funny thing is that McDonald's has been serving tea, as have almost ever other fast food joint around here, for years. The fact that they started a national campaign just made me laugh. I'm pretty sure the people at the local Mickey D's make their tea themselves--the general public in these parts don't take too kindly to the artificial stuff.

My brand of choice is Luzianne. If you want a fool proof way to make 1/2 gallon of decent tea, use your coffee maker. Put 4-8 tea bags in the [cleaned] coffee basket and run it twice using the maximum amount of water both times over the same tea bags. If it looks or tastes too weak, run it through again and add it to the rest. If it's only slightly stronger than you like, fill the rest with cold water. I usually add a cup of sugar after the first run.

I know it sounds gross, but it really does work. My parents have been doing it that way for years and it always works out.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Is Sweet Tea Going Commercial?
7/12/08 11:05 AM

Does anybody have any suggestions that do NOT include eggs?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Cooking: What's Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich?
6/20/08 01:16 PM


The reasons you give for not liking the Toll House cookies are exactly why I like them! No chewy cookies for The Kid. ;) When we were younger, my sister and I made the oatmeal cookies off the Quaker Oats box and put chocolate chips in them, too! That's all we could find in the kitchen, and I thought we were so original since I had never heard of anybody doing that before.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchen Confessional: Good Recipes from the Back of the Box?
3/29/08 10:07 AM

We learned the hard way that making Glühwein, the German version of mulled wine, requires cheap red wine. The "good stuff" tastes horrible. I'm not sure why, but it just doesn't work.

Apartment Therapy - Vino: Mulled Wine
11/29/07 07:36 AM

I saw Tyler Florence make a vegetarian one on Food 911 the other day with peas, string beans, and asparagus. It made me want to try out free-form lasagna, and now, having seen this, I will definitely try to make one for dinner next week. Thanks for giving me that extra push!

Apartment Therapy - Weekend Eating: Free-form Lasagna
10/5/07 04:42 PM

When cooking steel-cut oats in the rice cooker, I made a mistake: it's 3 parts WATER to one part OATS.

Apartment Therapy - Seasonal Recipe Spotlight: Oats
9/17/07 05:55 AM


I used a recipe from Recipezaar, and it worked great. I put the oats and water (3:1) into the rice cooker the night before. The next morning, set the cooker to Porridge and let it do it's thing. I'm not sure if it has to be set on the Porridge setting to work.

I've also toasted steel-cut oats and substituted them for the old-fashioned variety in an oatmeal muffin recipe as well as sucranat for brown sugar. The steel-cut oats gave the muffins a chewy texture, which I really liked.

Apartment Therapy - Seasonal Recipe Spotlight: Oats
9/16/07 09:15 PM

I like Jessica's best.

Apartment Therapy - Apartment Therapy Market Bag Designs, Pt. 3
8/22/07 12:44 PM

The blueberries will sink to the bottom. I know that it seems odd, but most, if not all, cobbler recipes say to put in the blueberries on top of everything else.

Reader Recipe: Easy Blueberry Cobbler
7/24/07 06:45 PM

After reading this yesterday, I looked around the web for similar grills. I found one (with instructions) that suggests ways to avoid cracks.

Do you think this would work with a planter made from a heavier stone?

Outside Cooking: Build Your Own Grill
6/21/07 05:41 AM

"The Russians call them 'perhaps bags'..."
That's so funny, because my grandfather, from rural Eastern NC, says that you should always have a *might* sack, because "you might get something, you might not."

Green-est Way to Bring Groceries Home
4/4/07 03:10 PM