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Where did you get the drum shade light. We have been looking for something similar... or did you make it yourselves?

Before & After: Molly's Family Room Fireplace Makeover
9/25/11 08:02 PM

Love the bubble gum pink and lime. And the owl lamp is just too cute! Very nice.

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #1: Harriet's Apple Green Getaway
11/13/07 08:57 AM

I love this nursery too. The chocolate brown brings back warm and fuzzy memories of my son's nursery. People were shocked at my use of brown then (he's 10!) Glad times have caught up and they are more accepting now. Funny how you said the room began as an office, that's how ours ended up. Great minds really do think alike. Kudos to you!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist #3: Sam's Chocolate Crash Pad
11/13/07 08:49 AM

I disagree with brooklynsails' comment. The purpose of the contest as stated by Apartment Therapy is "the most beautiful use of color" not ground breaking or radical use of color.

Furthermore, their website mission statement says: Creating this home doesn't require large amounts of money or space. It requires inspiration, connection to resources and motivation to do something about it.

I don't see how you can look at this nursery and see only blue and white with a few accents–every picture, every textile, every surface is exploding with color, pattern and texture. I don't see blue and white, I see COLOR!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #2: Baby O's Ode to Color
11/13/07 05:15 AM

I love this nursery! So much of what was done here is pure creativity–from the quilt, to the poang chair cover, to the valances, and the matching doll bed. So much thought has been put into color, texture, pattern and just plain fun. The nursery appeals not only to grown-ups but more importantly, will be an awesome place for any kid to hang! Everything about this nursery screams originality–not bought from a design store or copied from a design magazine–just pure creative brain power! Way to go!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #2: Baby O's Ode to Color
11/12/07 09:40 AM

This is the best by far. The others look like something out of a catalog - anyone can do that. This is truly original!

Apartment Therapy - Entry #8 Baby-O's Ode to Color
10/26/07 04:56 AM

Love it!

Apartment Therapy - Entry #8 Baby-O's Ode to Color
10/24/07 05:27 PM