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I've had mine for three months and can give an updated report. Working standing upright with good posture turns out to be worth the expense. I found myself helping out in another kitchen recently and really started noticing my back after about twenty minutes.

The unit is very solid and rugged. There are little plastic feet that stick out maybe a quarter inch on the bottom of the feet to protect your counter. Mine aren't showing any wear and I suspect they'll last for many years.

The working surface has been re-oiled with mineral oil a few times and is still in excellent shape. I suspect it will be at least five years before it is time to sand it.

Our kitchen is small and the 18x18 surface works well. If we had more space I'd probably go for a wider model and use it more like a countertop surface like Colleen does - I think hers is 24x18 inches. You can go as large as you like.

One thing I didn't expect was how we store stuff under it. The space on our countertop is actually slightly expanded as a result.

Extra-Tall Cutting Boards for Extra-Tall Cooks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/9/10 04:59 PM

This is really a good idea.

I've seen people with enough kitchen area use lower height kitchen carts on wheels that lock. But custom is good for those that can do it.

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1/31/10 11:32 PM

It turns out the average height for women in the US has not increased since the 50s - even adjusting for immigration - it is still a bit over 5'4.

The 36" standard dates to the housing projects that sprung following WWII. The builders needed mass produced cabinets and the question of size came up. It was noticed the average woman (heaven forbid a man should work in the kitchen!) was comfortable with a 36" countertop and that stuck. No careful ergonomic measurements were made at the time, but subsequent work has shown that most adults in the 5'4 to 5'5 range find the three foot high countertops close to ideal.

Careful measurements have been made for many activities and most standing kitchen work as the surface about four inches below the elbow.

It is amazing how many things just doesn't fit. I'm about 3.5" taller than average at 6'1, but many things designed for average males don't fit and items, like countertops, that are for the average female can be dangerously uncomfortable.

A really interesting question is what do you do if you are much below 5'4. I'm checking to see if ergonomic work has been done for people who are much below that size. The 4 inch "rule" probably should work for someone who is about 4'10 or so, but less than that I don't have a clue.

Extra-Tall Cutting Boards for Extra-Tall Cooks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/22/10 02:48 PM

to krunkinator

Colleen, the young woman in the photo, is really tall - 6'6 without shoes. Those are normal 36" countertops as you'll find in most kitchens. The height chosen is from the results of numerous ergonomic studies. I have a shorter one to match my 6'1 height and the relief over not using one is large. Both of us get good leverage - the surface is about 4" below elbow level.

to caeebe

I've been in a kitchen with nice risers for a cook who was about 5'0. They much more stable than the stool she had been using.

Extra-Tall Cutting Boards for Extra-Tall Cooks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/20/10 08:08 PM

I know someone who works from home in Washington state and has a very nice 500 sq ft place ... and an amazing tree house office. Oddly enough there are architects that specialize in tree houses.

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1/20/10 06:19 PM

I have the shorter board in the photo (it is 6.5" which works out very well for my height). These are very solid and are also useful where there may be a couple of mixed heights. My wife is ok with the standard 36" counter, but I'm not.

They can be made in any size ... so if you need a 5" or 9" or 15.5" working surface, they can do it for you. The legged varieties probably can be made to work for cooks starting at 5'9 or 5'10 ... everyone has different proportions, but you can measure yourself and find out.

Oh - these are really beautiful. They are solid hardwood and the photos don't do them justice. One of my best kitchen purchases ever!

Extra-Tall Cutting Boards for Extra-Tall Cooks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/20/10 04:59 PM