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Is that a light fixture on the front of the chimney? If so, replace it with a bigger, geometric one that echoes the lines of the house.

Definitely keep the gutters white or gray to match the roof. You don't want a horizontal line cutting straight across the house. I like the taupe idea for the windowsills, etc. I think the main thing is to find a "bridge" color(s) to better tie the roof in with the brick.

What Color Should I Paint My House? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/24/10 06:41 PM

Teal Sea: Sure! I'm always eager to help people manage cat scratching problems. Feel free to email me through my website if you run into trouble with the clipping.

Another thing about the tape/tin foil: You won't have to leave it on forever (that would suck!). After the cat tries and fails to scratch the taped furniture a few times, it will forget about it and find somewhere else. Once you're sure the cat is out of the habit of scratching the furniture, take the tape off. If the cat goes back to the furniture, do the same routine and set up a more desirable scratching post or scratchable areas.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot another method! I haven't tried this, but you can spray furniture with Bitter Apple spray from the pet store. It will get on their paws and discourage them from using those areas.

Restore Grandma's Chair or Let It Go? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/4/10 01:33 PM

MORE ON CAT SCRATCHING: Try clear packing tape on furniture.

You also need something more solid than a typical pet store scratching post. When cats scratch they like to push and pull against a resilient surface -- it's how they exercise their shoulder muscles. Either find a way to anchor a scratching post to the wall or use my cheap but ugly solution: Wrap a carpet sample around a door frame and nail it in place. My cats love it.

You can also provide other scratching surfaces for them, such as a couple more carpet samples on the floor here and there.

Cats will always need to scratch. Clipping won't stop that. But if their claws are snagging the furniture, here's how to clip them. 1) Don't pick the cat up and try to clip right away. Instead, start by massaging its paws a little bit every day for a couple of weeks. Do this on the same clear, flat surface where you plan to clip. When the cat struggles, stop immediately. Give a treat each time. 2) With the cat on the flat surface, lean over its back to handle the paws on the side facing away from you. Turn the cat around to work on the other side. 3) Use regular nail clippers. 4) When you start clipping, the cat will struggle after a claw or two. Stop immediately, give a treat, and have another go tomorrow. It may take days or weeks but eventually the cat will be (more or less) reconciled and you will handle its paws with confidence. 5) Never clip more than the very tips.

Restore Grandma's Chair or Let It Go? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/2/10 02:40 PM

I think some salons that carry Aveda may also accept caps. A salon near me had a display of artistically arranged caps in its window, and I'm thinking this may be what it signified.

How To: Recycle Plastic Caps | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/20/10 02:12 PM