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The Treehouse by Dodie Goldney, I don't want to highjack the thread, but the point of the earlier comments isn't any particular religion but, rather, that in some parts of the world associating a thing with shoes is a sign of great contempt (think of the shoes thrown at President Bush in Iraq). One might very well have idols in the home but not near shoes, or in the bathroom.

Smart Solutions for Storing Shoes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/5/14 11:52 AM

Namita, I take your point but North Americans/Western Europeans don't have the same sensitivity about shoes and feet. It's quite common to see shoes decorated with Christian iconography, which would be unacceptable in other cultures. Putting a crucifix or a statue of the Virgin Mary with shoes might be considered unusual but wouldn't be a grave insult amongst the mainstream branches of Christianity. That said, we should all be mindful of using religious objects as decor.

Smart Solutions for Storing Shoes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/4/14 10:13 PM

Mickey Ross - you're right about BPA being used in tomato cans, but an increasing number of companies are getting rid of it. The brand pictured isn't available locally, so I don't know whether it's BPA free, but there's a fair amount of choice in my local natural food store and italian deli.

Another Ten Minute, Ten Dollar Dinner: Girl Scout Stew
10/12/13 12:46 PM

I have a very similar model of LG and it's terrific. More than large enough for two people and the freezer drawers are very handy.

Quick Tip: How To Fit More in a
Small Refrigerator

10/8/13 12:03 AM

This also looks like Toronto to me. In that case, it's probably not real stone but "angel stone". About a third of my neighbours have that, they'll all painted it and that has not stopped the houses from doubling or even tripling in value. The house next to mine was painted in the very colours shown in the photoshopped picture, about seven years ago. It looks terrific and the paint has held up through winter and baking sun.

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/11/13 10:26 PM

Agreed. These are getting on for picnic size in the bento box world. On the other hand, the lunch shown seems to have been picked to look good in a photo. I'm quite happy with a 600-700 ml bento box, plus the occasional extra, such as a small thermos of soup or a pudding cup, but the lunch in the photo would not keep me going till dinner time. These are more like western lunch boxes that have been styled like a bento.

Takenaka Bento Boxes: A Colorful Choice For a Lighter Lunch Lunchbox of the Day
3/13/13 02:38 PM

I put bananas in a knee-high sock: pull the sock over the banana,twist at the top and then fold it back over the fruit to make a double layer. A shorter sock works well for peaches and the like. Good use for the odd socks that my dryer turns out from time to time.

Tip: A Simple Way to Protect Whole Fruit in Your Lunch Bag
3/13/13 11:06 AM

Sorry to be pedantic, but the Thames River is in Canada and flows through London, Ontario. The one running through London, England is the River Thames.

That said, the store looks lovely.

Snowden FloodStore Profile
3/13/13 10:54 AM

Depends on what you buy. I've got half a dozen Japanese bentos; four of them are dishwasher safe.

Monbento: A Stylish Way to Compartmentalize Your Lunch! Lunchbox of the Day
3/12/13 08:21 PM

Bento boxes are great but they take a bit of getting used to. (I have no connection to the site) has good advice on how to pack a nutritious bento lunch - and not just with asian food.

Monbento: A Stylish Way to Compartmentalize Your Lunch! Lunchbox of the Day
3/11/13 08:36 PM

These are fun. Number seven reminds me of this one, from the Echo Park Time Travel Mart (sales benefit literacy programs):

Print Out Your Own Free Vintage Style Posters (Yes, Free!)
3/8/13 12:31 PM

If you speak French, it's worth looking at Societe orignal's site just for the product names. I giggled at Balconville vinegar. When I was growing up in Montreal, "going to Balconville" meant you were having a "staycation" hanging out on your balcony.

Something Special for Your Cheese Board: Whipped Seashore Honey The Cheesemonger
2/22/13 06:35 PM

"Darling/Dear Mother in Law" and "Darling/Dear Husband"

The Best Time Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
2/16/13 10:42 AM

Instant oatmeal in a pureed soup, or blend some of the broth with the oats before adding it to the pot. I find a quarter cup is good for most recipes. More would give you a thicker soup.

How to Make Creamy Tomato Soup Without the Cream: 3 Brilliant Tips
1/16/13 07:50 PM

Cute products but that is one irritating web site. You have to scroll through everything to find what you're looking for.

Ice-Box Box by Bauer Pottery
12/18/12 08:34 AM

I agree with acencsu willco007. Beats are OK, but there are better cool-looking headphones out there for the price. I did a major comparison shop for headphones last Christmas and came home with AKG. The Beats models I tried were very heavy on the bass (no complaints about that) but noticeably lacking in the other ranges.

Beats by Dre Pro Headphones
12/15/12 12:23 AM

Fun selection of ice buckets, but who doesn't like a kitchen party? They're the best.

Best Ice Buckets 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
11/7/12 09:51 PM

Jeez. My Grade 5 science teacher had a dried blowfish in the classroom (thankfully, not made into a lamp). It squicked me out then and still does.

Friday Favorites: Blowfish Light, Souk Rug & Console Table The Friday Afternoon Scavenger
10/26/12 01:59 PM

That's just awful. Hope your boyfriend recovers quickly.

Pretty much any soup can be pureed, so even a stew can be eaten through a straw, although you might need to add a little extra stock to thin it down. Smoothies would also work. Good luck!

Help! My Boyfriend Is Injured. What Can I Make That He Can Eat Through a Straw? Good Questions
10/16/12 09:09 AM

Love the color and the new door handle/deadbolt but have to agree about the house numbers not working. A lot of municipalities require a minimum size for numbers so that police etc. can easily find the house. These wouldn't meet the standard.

Before & After: Turquoise Front Door In Between Laundry
10/12/12 12:28 PM