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I'd build it in place, off the floor by 3 feet or so, with a custom fit piece of foam.
Building it up will give some storage, but will also feel less claustrophobic, even though it's a but counterintuitive.
I'd totally use the closet like you are, even with the fire hazard. But at least you know the risk and won't be adding to it by burning candles or leaving lights on or smoking in bed. Right?
I would take the door right off though.

Where Can I Find a Bed that is Shorter than 6 Feet? Good Questions
11/27/13 11:26 AM

Why bring the carpet outside? Or was it brought inside?
Prop for which?

As for the home ... love it to smithereens. Want it. Or want to set a novel there. Or film a scrumptiously poignant family-at-pivotal-junction film there.

And the garden. I'd like to fold it up and tuck it in my back pocket so that I can bring it out and gaze admiringly at it whenever I want. Hyperbole absolutely intended.

Polly & Dai's Happy Cornwall Cottage Home House Tour
11/22/13 01:48 AM

When I saw the masking tape image I figured the post would be touting our favourite use while travelling in crowded airports, markets, festivals, etc:: we put a strip of it on the backs of our kids' shirts and write my phone number on it with a sharpie marker.
As for babyproofing ... Do whatever works for you and ignore the holier-than-thou folks who dare to cast stones. We don't have any babyproofing gear at home whatsoever, but while away I'm the first one to shove beds against the wall (to prevent them falling out) and move sharp-edged coffee tables to one side and make sure toxic cleansers are out of reach.

The Must-Pack Baby-Proofing Tool When Traveling with a Toddler
8/2/13 12:21 PM

We take a notebook for each kid, glue stick, scissors, painter's tape (fun to stick and re-stick and doesn't wreck surfaces) and a small assortment of pencil crayons. And a sharpener. The youngest (21mos) likes the task of sharpening while the oldest (4.5yo) actually uses them.

Traveling with Kids: Pack and Go Art Sets
7/22/13 01:55 PM

@alia ... if your kid is past the everything-in-the-mouth stage, Silly Putty goes a loooooooong with with our kids starting from about that age. Audio stories are great too. Barefoot Books has over a hundred free stories that are top notch when it comes to quality and content. At that age our littlest one loved poking tiny pom-poms through a hole in the top of a large yogurt tub. Hours of endless entertainment there!

Traveling with Kids: Pack and Go Art Sets
7/22/13 01:53 PM

If you really want to pack light, ditch the bowl & cup, formula (if you breastfeed, I agree with angorian wholeheartedly), pack n' play, stroller, shampoo, pump, nursing cover, and pajamas, and anything more than three days worth of clothing and diapers.
We take comfy clothes that can double as pajamas and be layered for warmth, and a carrier for hiking babe around in when it's not possible for them to walk, and they sleep with us. Although I'm sure you could arrange a cot if need be.
We do take our carseats.
And lots of wipes.
And I agree with just a few toys. Your destination will be entertaining enough, along with all the new bits and bobs and people there that can become toys.
And a swim diaper!
And don't take any lovely that you're not prepared to lose.

Packing Light For A Baby Or Toddler
7/22/13 01:45 PM

We co-sleep, so I fill my sleep 'bank' by sleeping when my daughter sleeps. This works for us. I like night parenting. It won't go on forever, so this time with her in the quiet dark hours is precious. We will never get our children's infancy back again, and because of that, I am more than content to sacrifice a little sleep in order to be there for my child in the middle of the night ... on her schedule.

Sleep Training Hotline: What's Your Story? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/19/10 02:29 AM