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@Edmarch & @Laura...hehehe That's actually what's in the black & White cabinet against that wall that's cut off in the picture. It was an amazing craigslist find and had been converted to a bar already and matched our decor perfectly!! But I admit I had been eyeing this smaller console bar on craigs for maybe by the door. hehehe I mean can one have too many places to hide wine and wine glasses?

How To Utilize Entry Way And Wall?
Good Questions

2/10/11 11:58 AM

@B77....I had actually mentioned that when I wrote in that putting our mirror up was one option but my boyfriend doesn't seem keen on it there for some reason and I worry it doesn't fill the space. And it's too deep to go on the wall behind the door without risking damage. : (

@ Lovie Dovie...As for the blank wall behind our sofa we are actually trying to find a bench right now that fits the space without impeding traffic flow. So I have been lazy about finding wall decor until we find one. ; ) But putting the mirror there might be a good option.

How To Utilize Entry Way And Wall?
Good Questions

2/9/11 09:21 PM

Ohhh...This might be a good idea for us!! The insides of all our closets are this glossy black with black shelves thanks to the previous owner. Our friends think it's great but they don't have to live with it. Talk about a nightmare in the closets that don't have any light in them. :/ This could keep some of the character and make it easier for me to see things!!

Going the Extra Mile: Wallpapered Closet Interiors
2/9/11 10:39 AM

*ugg now not know.. Spell check!! Side note: Why is there no edit comment function or delete comment function on AT? Or if there is why can't I find it?!

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 05:50 PM

I have bought most of the furnishings for our new house on CL and found my job, friends, apts, etc. So I definitely relate. Everyone teases me about being a craigslist addict until they want something and then who do they ask to help!! I really wish there was a way to hide ads we've already seen 50 times because their "vintage" 1992 coffee won't sell for $300. And know we have several "vintage" ie junk stores that list their stuff crap in the for sale by owner section of furniture. It's flooded!!

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 05:45 PM

Growing up my mom always put lots of magnets from traveling, etc everywhere. So I used to keep lots of stuff on mine when I moved off to college. As I've gotten older I started hating that idea. I would have roommates who would want to slap big magnets on things. My last roommate insisted on having this huge UT longhorns magnet on our dishwasher despite the fact we were long out of school & lived in a house with a really nice custom kitchen. Annoyed me so much. My boyfriend and I have a pretty black fridge now in our first house. (I am over the stainless look so that was first thing to go in our new house. hehe). He tries to keep things on it but I just take them off. So our compromise thus far has been he can keep a couple clips on the side where they aren't as noticable & a bottle opener magnet. But I am working on him.

The Endless Fridge Debate: To Clutter or Not To Clutter?
10/19/10 09:25 AM

I am somewhere between mrsmrc & rlmesq. haha I think I might be cool with it in his office or out in our game room.Maybe. eek If it were spaceballs then my bf would REALLLLY want it. sigghh

Flocked Star Wars Wallpaper: Does It Get Any Better?
10/14/10 01:30 PM

Love it. I think we've decided to steal this for our new dining table as I have been looking for something interesting but inexpensive for months. Does anyone have suggestions of other places that also carry just table tops? We'll probably also just go with an Ikea one for now but I'd love to find a wood top.

How To Make a Sewing Machine Dining Table
10/12/10 10:33 PM

We just met Sally this evening when she bought one of my craigslist finds that didn't work for us!! We were discussing AT and she told me they just posted their house up. I have to say I love what they've done and in only 2 mos. Totally jealous and I am with snakehips in that I have now met my CL competition. :P Or maybe a friendly face to help each other out. haha

Sally's Sight Unseen Fresh Start
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10/7/10 09:30 PM

I have been saying I really need to start making crepes again. I did it a lot in high school and in college. I loved my crepe pan but a college roommate apparently thought it was for pancakes as she BURNED them into it. Literally there was a layer of permanent burnt pancake batter on one side and rings from the stove on the other. I just had to throw it away. She never even told me she did it or offered to get me a new one. Just threw it back in the cabinet. That was probably 8 yrs ago and I am still sad. haha

How To Make Perfect Crêpes: 5 Tips from Suzette
9/30/10 11:01 AM

Ohhh mannn!!! This house was on the market late last year and in the area we had originally considered buying in. I saw the listing online and loved it but we weren't quite ready to go take a look. They didn't have nearly this many pictures on the MLS. I wish we had gone now. : ( Ohhh well, I love my East side house even if I do have chickens for neighbors. :P

Renè's Bright and Sunny Artistic Home! House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/5/10 11:21 AM