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I think the notion that the "American Dream" is somehow tied to owning a big house with a yard, white picket fence, etc is quite sad. I always thought it should be tied to being able to fulfill your dreams because you live in a country with freedom. We can't afford to live the way that we have been "told" to, meaning, we can't all have big houses in the suburbs with large grassy yards - we can't do it because obviously we can't afford it (think foreclosure crisis), because it's destroying the environment, and because frankly, most of those homes are built by subdivision developers, devoid of any soul.

The Ever Evolving American Dream: Size, Style & Amenities
7/15/11 10:35 PM

It's nice! I would either go with v. light turquoise pillows or a red/white combo.
good luck

How To Accessorize Ugly Brown Sectional?
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5/5/11 10:30 PM

Yes! BHV is like dying and going to DIY heaven. I bought from there one of the most important kitchen tools ever - my crepe roller/smoother, a must-have to make crepes that I have not seen it anywhere else.

The Best Home Project Store in the World? BHV!
1/26/11 09:08 PM

Hi nastasia - I believe that it's the Erik from IKEA, but they don't seem to have it in that bright yellow anymore....(at least on their website they don't).

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/25/10 01:40 PM

Hi Emily,
Thanks for the info - I haven't seen any of that advertised by Ikea and I have been looking! I'm glad that you like the apartment. You guessed correctly - if you look closely, there is a white extension cord that runs along the floor and feeds behind the shelf on the left.

Thanks also to blondrea!!

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/8/10 07:37 PM

Hi Michelle, thank you. Believe it or not, I got that Danesi piece for free, while I was working in Milan.

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/6/10 04:40 PM

Hello -
For islek - that print is the work of Blanca Gomez. I believe her work is availabe on Etsy.
For Erica - actually I didn't paint it, it came that way! The trim (so anything wood) is a pure white. The walls and ceilings are a light cream, so there is a slight distinction between the two (walls and trim). Hope that helps.
For OCJen - it's a Russel Woodard Sculptura chair (mid-century). My parents had it since I can remember...

For the very interesting Ikea comments - great food for thought. I really like (and respect) the idea of getting it second hand. Thanks again for the insightful and nice comments.

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/3/10 07:44 PM

Hi all, this is Naseem, I can answer some questions. Thanks very much to those who like the space, I appreciate it. I have enjoyed reading the comments, esp. those who think that the space looks too sterile! I think that as an architect, I fall more to the side of sterility, and I don't like clutter to begin with. Usually when I have people come over I make it more "homey" (pillows come out, candles come on, more bouquets, move some furniture around, etc).
To answer some questions:
1.NickWI - yes, it's just a piece of fabric from Ikea!
2.LovelyFrugalHermit - thank you, I use those detergent pens on the white (a lot)
3.suzy8track - you are right, it's on flickr!
4.Zohreh - thanks, I have a few Iranian things here and there (obviously the some of the carpets) there is also a painted copper plate (blue) in the living room which is from Iran.
5.DanaD - yes, it's Malm and it's white.
6.msjessica - hi, I didn't get them online - I picked them out at the store ;). Personally, I think that because rugs can get pricey, it's better to go to the shop and see them in person and even try them out in your home (any good retail store should allow you to try them at home - that's what I learned growing up in a rug shop ;)
7.andrealew - the bench is IKEA! I believe that it's the Norden line.

thank you all

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/30/10 11:41 AM

Persians sprinkle it over basmati rice when having kabob ;)

What Can I Cook with Sumac Spice? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/22/10 09:46 PM

My favorite etsy site would have to be my little sister's!

She sells mid-century German Porcelain.

Our Favorite Etsy Stores — And Tell Us Yours! Roundup | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/21/10 07:53 PM

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments (this is Naseem, aka breezeofparadise)! Yes, that fabric on the wall is from IKEA (it is actually hiding some pretty ugly taps and exposed piping on the wall). For those who are interested in seeing more photos of the apartment - they are posted on my Flickr site:

Naseem's Uncluttered Live Work Space House Call | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/11/10 12:58 PM

I'm about to buy a new table to replace my DOCKSTA (and i live in Boston so i'll happily give it away!); I'm replacing it because it is so incredibly wobbly. I feel bad every time I have people over to eat and end up apologizing incessantly.

Which is Better: DOCKSTA or Odyssey? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/15/10 08:57 PM