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This is something that in the past, I would never have thought of doing, but now will do anytime I sign a lease or even look at an apartment.
"Do you plan on selling the property?"

When we moved in we told the landlord that we would want to stay there through at least the course of my wife's schooling (3 or 4 years) because the place was perfect for us. 3 months into our lease our landlord came to us and said "Well I've been thinking about it and have finally decided to sell the property, do you want to buy it?" We didn't want to buy a house, that's why we were renting. He sold the house to someone who wanted to move in and do massive construction/renovations, which, effectively and creatively, forcibly evicted us from our home. Before the eviction, however, we were exposed to construction noise, loss of utilities, reduction of services, people leaving our gate open and letting our dog loose through the neighborhood (multiple times!) and more. The person who bought the house had no interest in being a landlord; he just wanted his magical check from people who he wanted nothing to do with.

Always ask! Do you plan on selling the property!!!???

10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign A Lease | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/15/10 02:53 PM