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b77 -- You made me curious because I know that part of Kauai quite well, too. But according to, From Here to Eternity was filed on Oahu, not Kauai ... ???

8 Stylish Travel Films: Escape without Leaving Home | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/11/10 07:04 PM

Very, very well done. Kudos. And bravo to you for hiring a designer who clearly worked with what you had and who you are.

As for the "stack of books," I have to say, I am shocked that if you are an apartment therapy reader, you are not familiar with these. It's not a stack, it's a vertical bookshelf. Very popular, probably first at DWR and now knocked off, and not "non-functional" at all; rather highly functional and smart!

Again, bravo!

Laura's Inviting Live / Work Studio House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
4/12/10 09:48 PM

How "smart" and environmentally friendly is it to redecorate a home whose interiors are only two years old? I would hope they have a big disclaimer on what they did with all the previous furnishings and accessories.

Chicago's Smart Home, Redesigned House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/6/10 01:33 AM

John and Jason are rather accomplished interior designers. Their work has appeared in many shelter mags, and this house in Cottage Living and Domino (both before they folded, of course). In other words, the place SHOULD be gorgeous. It was my impression that apartmenttherapy generally showcased homes of non-professional designers, but the real deal is always a treat.

Jason & John's Hyper Saturated Home, Part 1 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/23/10 01:22 AM

Thanks, wearaddiction, but as Dan's girlfriend, I can take no credit for his amazing home. It's all him! The only parts I have touched are behind closed doors -- organization in closets and cabinets. ;)

And, minimalist1, you misunderstand. Richard Wright, as in (check it out); not Frank.

Dan's MMC (Mostly Mid-Century) Home and Gallery House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/15/10 02:46 PM