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I did this in 1971 in my entrance hall. We called them "supergraphics." It went really well with silver mylar wallpaper and a couple hits of acid.

Trend Watch: Geometric Multi-Colored Walls & Floors
6/20/11 07:15 PM

Gorgeous! But the TV over the fireplace would give me a sore neck.

Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home
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2/12/11 02:47 AM

Try a microfiber cloth and water. That's it.

How To Clean a Window
2/5/11 02:26 AM

I've seen this for a number of years now in Las Vegas. I think the hoteliers think it's sexy, which it is if you're staying at a hotel to have sex. But imagine a family traveling, or two unrelated folks sharing a room on a business trip. Yuk!

Bathroom Nook: Are We Needing Less Privacy?
9/3/10 05:41 PM

This is such a personal home. It shows why DIY, by the right person, can never be matched by a hired decorator. I also love to see a house full of books.

The House That Al Built, With a Twist
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8/28/10 04:23 PM

I had to hack down some shrubs, used the Ginzu knife I bought 15 years ago and the next day used the knife to slicce tomatoes.

Oxyclean is great, as is the Snuggy. Green bags need to be washed between loads, because you don't want your carrots to taste like broccoli.

Fess Up! Ever Bought Something "As Seen on TV"?
8/3/10 02:00 AM

I live in an 85 year old house. The oak floors were shot and not up to another sanding. Since I love Mexico and the Southwest, I had the old floors ripped out and replaced them with Saltillo tiles. It's a very earthy look, and I love it.

Flooring to Last a Lifetime
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8/2/10 01:43 AM

Park La Brea is a great place to live. I used to have the same apartment, but on a lower floor. It's too bad they took out the wonderful 1940s venetian blinds and replaced them with those vertical sticks that rattle in the wind. And the kitchen used to be enclosed, which I prefer. But Ms. Zaretsky has done a fantastic job decorating her pad.

Harriet's Nature Inspired, Designer High Rise
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8/2/10 01:22 AM

In Israel many apartments have a balcony-room called a mirpeset that looks very much like this. The windows usually open almost completely, which makes it a balcony, but the walls are painted and plastered, which makes it a room. They're very pleasant.

Angie's Everyday Balcony My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/3/10 07:51 AM

I had an upstairs neighbor like that. I blasted John Coltrane's Ascension at him - put the stereo right next to the ceiling - and went out for a cup of coffee. Had to do it a few times, but it silenced him eventually.

What to Do When Management Doesn't Act On Complaints? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/27/10 07:48 PM

It's nice, but I wish they had used a standard height table instead of that dreadful island. I detest sitting on stools; they are for draftsmen.

Before After: Anne's Dine-in Kitchen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/9/10 02:31 AM

I have such windows. I put a large wrought iron rod with fancy finials about 6" above the window, extending beyond the windows sides by about a foot on each side. I then hung drapes. When open, the drapes clear the window. When closed, the room is dark (the drapes are lined) for TV watching. I also have inexpensive shades on each window, which I rarely use.

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1/15/10 03:24 AM