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Yikes -- not unless you're sending a toothbrush with them as well.

How to Make Easy 3-Ingredient Energy Bars at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/19/13 04:15 PM

Eew and eew-er. Dish brushes all the way.

Survey: Sponge or Dishcloth?
5/26/07 11:31 AM

Ha! I see nine other people beat me to what I was going to say: "What?! Where did you grow up; France?"

I bet it would be really brilliant for pressing vegetarian burger-analogues into shape without handling them too much.

eBay Scavenger: Hamburger Press for $8
4/10/07 09:05 AM

For anyone still wondering where you can recycle plastic shopping bags in NYC:

Whole Foods offers recycling in all its locations. Alternatively, you could reuse your old bag and get ten cents back per bag. (In April, in honor of Earth Day, you'll 15 cents per bag.)

D'Agostino's customer service rep said some locations offer recycling, while other don't.

Gristedes and Trader Joe's both said they do not offer bag recycling drop-off.

Open Thread 408
4/6/07 06:12 AM

I actually just wrote about urban composting (and my decidedly unglamorous compost pail) a couple months ago. There are facilities to drop off composting materials in a lot of major cities; many more than I expected, anyway.

Compost Pail by R.S.V.P.
4/6/07 06:08 AM

Actually, I think "the supermarket located in the Zeckendorf Buildings on 14th Street & Union Square East" the LESEC alluded to <B>is actually Whole Foods... which, I guess, is the Voldemort of grocery stores and cannot be mentioned by name.

I guess I could call them to find out.

Open Thread 406
4/5/07 06:45 AM

This seems as good a place to ask as any...

I've recently moved to NYC from Massachusetts, where every grocery store offers a bin to recycle plastic shopping bags. However, I've yet to see one in any Manhattan grocery store.

I already asked the Lower East Side Ecology Center which offered one location -- "the supermarket located in the Zeckendorf Buildings on 14th Street & Union Square East" -- which seems bizarrely vague. (Who refers to a supermarket not by name, but by the building it's in?)

The bags are taking over my closet because I hear <I>won't biodegrade for a thoooooousand yeeeeears in my brain every time I throw one out!


Open Thread 406
4/4/07 01:50 PM