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JJ, it was punk rock! Nice work!

Tasterspoon, I had a friend take it down in Southern California...if you're in the area, let me know and I'll give you his info! I didn't make the clock, but did add the eyelet lace around it as it just wasn't girly enough! The clock was made by Dolce Mia, they have great vintage stuff and if you go to their personal site it's often on sale!

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4/28/10 12:01 AM


Magdalicious, The chandelier was purchased at Home Depot, just an $89 one in white. I spray painted it turquoise then hung the crystals on it...a simple way to make a chandelier more spicy! :-)

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2/25/10 12:11 AM

Thanks sorry it has taken so long to respond...some technical problems over here!

Brandias: I used various buttons and glued them to the nails that held the plaques up. I also used some jewelry pendants from our local craft store. I hope that helps!

Rejoyce/ Colleen: The dresser color is unfortunately was Glidden and the color was Punk Green. But, I painted it six years ago...bummer, however, I was on the lookout for something similar because I wanted my lamp base to somewhat match it. The color I found was by ACE Hardware, it is Green Garland, C30-6. It's not as bright, but is still a great color and would look fab with some light distressing and crystal knobs.

I can't find the paint for the room, but I remember it was called "paper bag"? If not paper bag, the color below it on the test strip. It's a Behr color (home depot) and very neutral/ beige.

Oh, and Brandias: The plaques were made from various materials...mostly found at Michael's Craft store... just wooden plaques spray painted (the turquoise ones and the heart). The doilies were sewn on cardboard, some with scrapbooking paper behind... the other two (green circles) were just scrapbooking paper glued to cardboard to create a thicker plaque-like background.

Hope that helps, everyone!

Lealu--I'll look for the fabric name, it's no longer available on sorry, I'll be back when I find it!


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2/11/10 01:48 PM