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I was a picky adult eater until I stopped eating gluten and figured out what was wrong with my stomach. I enjoy many things I would not have touched before.

How MasterChef Junior Taught My Kid to Love Soft Boiled Eggs
11/9/13 04:01 PM

i thought the same as rosebud :( come on trader joes!

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2/13/12 10:48 AM

I love my baggu bags, but the gussets along the bottom face the wrong way and make it very difficult to carry. If you put something rectangular in them you have to twist the handles to make it lie flat against you.

Strong & Stylish: Why Baggu Bags Are the Best Plastic Bag Alternative
2/1/12 10:19 AM

I was living abroad for a year and I took a train trip to paris and then flew from paris to nice. In paris i bought some fancy honey/mustard/ect in small jars so I could carry them on the plane, and i purchased some presidents butter. the airport security confiscated my butter, since it was a gel. sooo not happy.

I Am Not a Gel: Share Your Air Travel Food Stories
1/20/12 10:14 PM

i am an au pair for a 3 girls, one is gluten free and one is diabetic. i cook from babycakes about once a week and every recipe i have tried has come out fantastically! often even better than the glutenfull versions i know and love.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe: Apple-Cinnamon Toastie
Cookbook Recipe & Review of Babycakes by Erin McKenna

1/20/11 08:32 AM

This is how Martha Stewart recommended making pumpkin puree. I'm in the Netherlands for a year so I couldnt find pumpkin in a can, but I used one fairly small pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie and gluten-free ginger bread. mmmmmmmm

Tip: Bake Pumpkins Before You Split Them Open
12/3/10 09:10 AM

The house i grew up in in Califronia was never locked. Even when we went on vacation. When I went to college my roomates would get mad because I never locked the door. Now I live in Brooklyn and I always lock my door, especially when I am home because I am much more fearful of being attacked than being robbed.

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1/14/10 03:08 PM