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won't the tape cost more than the step stool?

Adding Color to an IKEA Stool... Without Paint Fellow Fellow
9/15/13 04:44 AM

Third year set (a bedroom and living room) at Cambridge. £300 a term (early 90s).
Attic floor of an amazing 15th century building with something close to battlements outside the windows, and oars on the wall.

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/5/13 04:34 PM


Bedside Hammer: What's Your Home Security System?
9/3/13 02:49 PM

It's lovely, but wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to simply buy an Ikea Bryne canopy?
$20 in the US, even cheaper in Europe.

Get Laken's Look!: DIY Dorm Bed Canopy Project Apartment Therapy Tutorials
8/28/13 04:13 PM

It's more usually a 56 inch center rather than 57 used in art galleries, but I find that's too low at home - art galleries rarely have paintings in close proximity to furniture after all. Useful help even if you simply use a bigger number though.

How To Hang Art Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
8/10/13 02:49 PM

Charlotte, the only country in the world to stop intellectual property rights on death is Eritrea...

Personally, I think it's absolutely fair for a designer's copyright to continue with their family for a period - it encourages better documentation of design work which can only be a good thing. Intellectual property is part of a designer's business assets - something everyone likes to be able to pass on to their children.

One Design, Two Budgets:

Soft Chinoiserie Office

8/6/13 03:22 PM

If you plan to travel abroad with melatonin, do be aware that many many countries will require you to have a doctor's letter with it, and that some will not allow it in at all.

5 No-Fail Tips for Surviving Jetlag
7/17/13 02:37 PM

Well-used freezers are incompatible with ice cube trays, no doubt about it.

I use the ice cube bags mentioned above (although I purchased them for 20 c, not 4.99) and I adore them. Hugely wasteful but fabulous.

Out Of Ice? Let's Just Move
7/1/13 02:30 PM

Display Ideas for Vintage Peanuts Comics? Good Questions
6/28/13 05:17 PM

Energy Efficient Non-AC Options for Keeping Cool? Good Questions
6/28/13 05:07 PM

Tom Dixon is wonderful but I think it would be a bit generous to describe him as young :)

I assume seeing as you included Camilla in your list you are going for working in the UK rather than necessarily being British. In which case I'd go for Bridie Hall rather than Ben Pentreath myself.

Samuel Wright from andthendesign.

Who Are The Most Interesting & Important Young British Designers Right Now??? Reader Survey
6/26/13 02:13 PM

I think parenthood has taught me almost the opposite - I am now quite the master at a just-in-time way of life simply because there now just aren't enough hours in the day.

Planning skills are hugely useful in becoming a good parent, you just have learn to cope with the fact that your child rarely agrees with your plans!

The Best Decision I've Made So Far Adventures Of A New Parent
6/17/13 03:11 PM

I am pretty sure these are Mudlen End, early (late 60s) ones. They look very Suffolk. There is a full illustrated catalogue here They were last made in the mid-90s but there are lots of US collectors.

Maker of Little Ceramic Houses? Good Questions
6/11/13 04:22 PM

There's a whole lot of rules for the Union flag too, don't worry (such as when you should and shouldn't use the name 'jack').

Michele and Ryan's New Beginning House Tour
6/8/13 02:48 AM

I'm sure your partner knows and appreciates your aspiration-organising, but if mine presented me with a binder full of how we were going to style our new place I think I'd have to hit them with it. I prefer a more ongoing organic process.
Good luck with your move!

Moving In Together: Style Brainstorming
6/8/13 02:37 AM

When I grew up in Brussels you could buy beer in McDonalds from 12 years old...

Buying Liquor: State vs. Private Stores
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

3/11/11 05:46 PM

Scotch is generally considered a slightly rude or ignorant adjective over here (sort of patronising) unless in connection to whisky.
Scotch eggs were invented in England (say no more...)

Smoked Salmon, Lox & Gravlax: What's the Difference?
3/9/11 05:21 PM

The milk in first or last is very much a British class thing I'm afraid. It's one of those unmentionable things we use to weigh up your place in society over here :)

Surfice to say I put mine in last...

How to Make a Proper Pot of Black Tea
2/12/11 01:57 PM

When we lived in the US I remember once finding mice in the bottom of the shared apartment washer. Getting back to a nice undercounter front loader in the UK was a luxury.
Frankly I don't understand the germs argument - the pile of washing comes into the kitchen, is loaded from the hamper to the machine, washes overnight when electricity is cheap, gets taken out to dry. Doesn't once touch any surface.
I also have a front loading dryer in my current kitchen but probably only use it about twice a year - it's not going to stay much longer.

Inspiration: Washers & Dryers in the Kitchen
1/21/11 03:11 PM

I really wouldn't buy Jamie for a pre/teen boy, here in the UK he is much loved but he's a) very establishment b) advertises supermarkets in TV commercials in which middle aged women swoon c) best known by kids for his school dinners campaign none of which are likely to appeal to boys.

The Extraordinary Cookbook by Stefan Gates might be a good choice - he presents a pretty mad TV show on food here aimed at young teenagers.

Can You Recommend A Beginner Cookbook for Teenagers?
Good Questions

12/29/10 03:38 PM