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Oh good! I'm due to have a baby within the next couple of weeks. Fresh bagels sound yummy!

Bagels: A Traditional Gift for New Mothers
12/9/10 01:04 PM

Very cute nursery! I especially love the paper plane decal!

My Room: Clark
Austin, TX

9/23/10 05:28 PM

Can anyone tell me where to get this rug?

My Room: Lois London, Ontario | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/20/10 09:31 PM

I love that pretty red dustpan. Metal dustpans function better than plastic ones because they can be made thinner (therefore picking up more dirt). My mom has been using the same old yellow dustpan for as long as I can remember and she refuses to part with it. It's pretty beat up looking, but works great.

The Most Beautiful Cleaning Supplies Tools | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/19/10 07:15 PM

We have a wall mounted flat screen, but no TV service. We only use it to occasionally watch a movie or play games. We've been living this way for almost five years now. It was an adjustment at first, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. TV is such a major time suck!

Living Without... A Television | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/19/10 02:45 PM

Thank you! I love AT, but I had to cancel my RSS feed because it was getting ridiculous! If you could bring it down to under 20 posts a day that would be awesome. It would make keeping up with my google reader so much easier!

Reader Memo: Apartment Therapy Loses Weight | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 02:38 PM

They look like harmless moths, but don't be fooled! We had a horrible problem with them a couple of years ago. They were able to get into some pretty amazing places! We lost the majority of the dry food storage in our pantry. It took a while to get rid of them, but we were diligent about killing them anytime we saw one. One trick we used was setting out small dishes with a little olive oil in them. They were attracted to the oil, but would get stuck when they landed on it.

How To Prevent Get Rid Of Pantry Moths Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/25/10 01:30 PM

Ooh I loved this contest! It was so much fun! Our doggie Kenzie (not pictured) won. All the pets that entered were so dang cute!

Pets On Modern Furniture | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/4/10 03:14 PM

I'd also love to find what upholstery videos you found helpful. Upholstering a couch would be like a Mount Everest project for me. You did a great job!

Mark's DIY Case Study Bed Reader Project | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/19/10 02:42 PM

We keep our doors locked at all times. When we first moved into our current house, we had all sorts of random joes walk in off the streets. Needless to say we quickly changed our practice!

Your Front Door: Locked or Unlocked? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
1/14/10 02:23 PM