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I always thought the buttered side would be just a tad heavier, so it would flip down...

British Scientists Solve the Mystery of Why Your Dropped Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down Breakfast Bad Luck or Scientific Phenomenon?
9/18/13 10:34 AM

last year of college I needed a roommate in the middle of the first semester, no responses from ads I left around campus until finally a young woman called. She wasn't a student and was unemployed. I was skeptical, but desperate. She only ever paid the initial month and deposit and ended up being five months behind. One morning I insisted that I needed her rent that day or I would have to find another roommate. When I came home from class that evening, my front door was wide open and the apartment had been emptied. TV's, stereos, clothes, all gone. My neighbors had seen her and her friends loading up their cars. When the police found her months later she claimed that she had moved her own stuff out and didn't know anything about my things. She had written me a couple of checks that had bounced, so I reluctantly had to go after her for that. As much as she had done to me, I still hated the idea of having someone arrested, and I tried to warn her to pay before that happened. She ended up being arrested and said I had ruined her life. I would have been better off financially if I had just left that room empty.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
9/1/13 10:37 AM

Art used to be any skill and was not defined separately from crafts. However, today the fine arts are only concerned with aesthetic considerations. Fine art has nothing to do with acquired skills and the decorative or applied arts. Many, many modern artists do not make their own works. They use a collaboration or a factory or hire someone with the technical skills to "build" their aesthetic idea. I'm not saying I agree with it, but that is the art world today. All these people on here going on about their art degrees and definitions either didn't pay attention in class or don't know how to research the question. Creative arts, fine arts, skill, craftsmanship- all of these are separately defined. The works in this post would normally be classified as craftsmanship by most "artists". I think some of them would qualify as fine art because they show signs of artistic imagination. Chris McMahon is an artist. Here is an interesting article about the artist Damien Hirst (yeah, I wanted to put "artist" in quotes there)...http://flavorwire.com/251160/artist-who-do-not-make-their-own-work and http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/poll/2012/jan/03/hockney-hirst-arts-diary-poll

5 Ways to Update Thrift Store Art
4/14/13 05:52 AM

I really like this house. It is elegant without being cold. That said, I would also say that the Christian votive candle holder and Thai spirit house (on the ground next to the toy horses) used as decorations bother me. I know, a lot of people will disagree. Religious pieces used as art falls into the same category as taxidermy on the wall and knock-off Eames chairs- some people just don't like it. Maybe I think it's irreverent, maybe I'm worried that it's bad mojo.

Corey Lynn Calter's Grown Up Home House Tour
2/14/13 07:18 AM

I live in Asia, and here people are adamant on this issue. I have seen piano delivery men bring in handheld digital moisture readers before they make the delivery to check if the home is unsuitable. They highly recommend dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and room humidity sensors. Our piano store showed us the fluctuations in humidity just by walking in different rooms. The interior wall should be away from windows and of course less susceptible to temperature and moisture swings. Also, an interior wall is often load bearing and more solid, so the thinking is that the piano may be less disturbing to others. In this part of the world, humidity and heat are a big concern, but maybe that's not true not where you are.

Must Pianos Be Placed on Interior Walls? Good Questions
2/12/13 09:14 AM

wild gardens are great, but it takes a whole lotta work to keep that Monet beauty without vines taking over, keeping those bulbs spaced, the list goes on...if you want a relaxing garden without all the work, this one is awesome. For a young professional, what could be better? That wild garden can wait until you retire.

Before & After: Greenline's Urban Garden The Gardenist
1/11/13 04:34 AM

Totally agree with treating a rental like you own it. My vote for best AT philosophy: " it's your home and if you plan on being there more than a couple of months, start making it personal." The place looks great. Great use of textures and color.

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/8/13 04:05 AM

Wow, this place is practically un-designed. Peeling paint on the dining table, random second-hand dining chairs, a dorm desk and chair, a dozen wood tones, nothing that goes together, a lack shelf on the wall, really too much ikea, framed posters, plates on the wall, orange office chairs and a grey sofa on a blue rug...this is a set-up, no? Somebody went to a thrift store and wants us to believe that this was designed by an interior designer? I can't find anything that seems right. I can't find even one of the "well thought out details". The party lighting must be spectacular. I'm thinking this designer must have had a well deserved reputation for partying while going through school, and not so much for hitting the books. Would anyone use this apartment to showcase their design skills?

Stephen's Warm Modern Loft House Tour
11/1/12 09:00 AM

to see what chalk paint can do for metal, go to

How To Refinish Brass Fixtures? Good Questions
6/28/12 10:21 PM

if you dislike the look of the brass, use a primer that will let you paint on metal, then try chalk paint (which you can make yourself in any color, recipes all over the internet) and distress it.
I agree that they are outdated. However, considering the trouble and cost of primer, painting, distressing and remember that you'll see them every day if they aren't what u really want, I say go out and buy new lights and sell these.

How To Refinish Brass Fixtures? Good Questions
6/28/12 10:18 PM

design sites are just style porn. How many of us lust after that lamp/table/rug? Substitute "pornography" in this article with "furniture" and nobody on AT would argue. Everybody has their own turn on.

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5/13/12 02:36 AM

great color, but I think you have the problem I have when I try to do a dark color wall with a white ceiling- does the dark blue line against the ceiling look not straight/splotchy? I know the solution is painter's tape, but it takes luck and patience and a very dry paint to tape over....

Before & After: A Deep Blue TV Room
3/3/12 02:45 AM

What's wrong with a clean empty corner?

Corner Shelves Eliminate Dead Space
3/3/12 02:35 AM

if you're going to continue painting with the same color but want to stop for the night, put the rollers in plastic bags and pop them in the freezer. They thaw pretty fast the next day when u roll them in some fresh paint. If you let the rollers dry even a bit they will not give a good even coat of paint.

Quick Cleanup Tips for Painting Projects
2/17/12 03:14 AM

I really like the Dalloway Side Chairs that baines recommended. They aren't heavy looking or dark and would keep the room from seeming overly full. I hate to choose sides, but I agree that CLIEU's chairs aren't...my taste.

Chair Suggestions for Fab Dining Room?
Good Questions

2/16/12 07:53 PM

I think you're going to have a great pool area. The most important thing is you will have to have that master plan all drawn out, knowing that you probably can't do it all in one season. You're going to have to define the space around the pool, either with a waist high fence (or higher, but the higher you go the less roomy a feel you're going to have) or tall shrubs (in your area, Summersweet will grow to eight feet and is summer blooming with fragrant white flowers) Neither is exactly cheap, but you can space it out over a few years. Do two sides the way you want it, then slowly make it come together as you can afford it. Completely blocking the neighbor's house might not be necessary if you define the space. Divide the master plan into affordable steps that, when they come together, will end up being the dream pool you wanted. For that lush look, you might do a wooden fence and put out big, wheeled, potted tropical plants (you really won't need many, and you can wheel them indoors in the off season). You have slopes off the concrete. A decking would extend the space around the pool and eliminate the slope problem. Again, it could be done in stages. I picture a more fluid shaped deck surrounding the square concrete, like a figure-eight. You probably wouldn't need much decking around the side where the concrete is widest. I would recommend against outdoor carpet. It looks ok the first season, but doesn't age well and can start to look old and dirty fast. If you really don't like the concrete, you may be able to put decking over part of it, but not too thick that it would raise the edge of the pool by much. I think the concrete looks fine in the pics, but it could be refinished with a mini-pebble veneer.
My advice is to go for amazing: set out exactly how you'd love to have it, then do it in steps. Or, just live with it the way it is for a few years and save up for the big make-over. The biggest mistake would be to try to do it all in one season with a low budget.
By the way, your house and yard look great. I really like all that green with the yellow house. Whatever you do with the pool, I hope you post more pics and show us the results.

Designing a Poolscape: Where To Start? | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/7/10 01:05 PM

brushing the blinds while they're closed is a pretty good way, I agree.

there are brushes designed for blinds...


and even vacuum cleaner attachments...


but, since most blinds can be easily removed by opening the front panels on each side, it really is smarter to wash em down in the shower. The brushes are good only if you can brush often enough to keep grim from building up.

Dusting the Blinds: An "Oh, Duh!" Moment | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/3/10 10:29 AM

I agree with Scoot, especially on the last point. For example, Charles & Ray Eames never meant for their chairs to be sold to the elite, but at the prices Vitra and Herman Miller sell their "authentic, fully licensed product" for, who else could afford them now? I remember, twenty years ago, our school cafeteria was all Eames' 4-leg base chairs in cherry red. I imagine only upscale retro restaurants could do that today.
As far as quality, I've seen many of the Eames-inspired chairs and they look amazing, even more so considering the prices. Remember that Herman Miller has some of its products made in China as well. Online price for licensed Eames chairs are $200-$500 apiece. The Eames-inspired chairs go for $50-100.
And then there's the flap with Modernica, which still makes the chairs the way the Eames' made them in fiberglass, and even uses the original molds, but can't use the Eames' name. If you want the chair the way it was originally made, then you have to go with the Modernica Eames-inspired.
I wish more designers today wanted to bring beauty to more homes and didn't price their work out of reach.

What is Wrong With this Chair? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/30/10 11:50 AM

The flip clock screensaver is probably the FLIQLO. It's free for mac or PC.


The Brick House House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/19/10 12:28 PM

it's a nice table, but you might try some very short legs or a recessed layer on the bottom to achieve a lighter look. I don't know how the added height would look, so it may be a bad idea. It could be a great side table to separate the room into areas. I say this because I'm never keen on a heavy piece in the middle of a big carpet, and the room could really come together with a great rug. I agree with the above- kjansson pulled out some amazing rugs. Pull that chair out of the corner, it could look right with your sofa and chair.

A Rug to Match My Vintage Flat File? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/21/10 10:40 AM