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Absolutely LOVE this place. Total dream home. So much light and great unique touches.

Francisco's Warm Modern Aesthetic House Tour
5/3/12 06:16 PM

dream home!

Matt, Ryan & Mason's Carefully Curated Artist Loft House Tour
4/11/12 05:56 PM

I'm a big fan of the Pixo lamp by Pablo. Highly adjustable, low power, and it even has a builtin USB port for charging mobile devices.

Also, the Delta Table lamp by Robert Abbey is also nice for that faceted look:

Style It Your Way: A Mixed Bag of Well Designed Bedside Lamps
3/29/12 03:55 PM

2300 sq ft. in Cow Hollow. rented from one year ago. and all the high end furnishings.


it is nice, though... (and the paintings are awesome)

Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas House Tour
3/20/12 08:02 PM

I recently bought a Herman Miller SAYL chair, and while not really that cheap, it looks great, has lots of color options, and is really comfortable.

6 Reader-Favorite Task Chairs
3/12/12 02:36 PM


Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 02:52 PM

repaint it white, except INSIDE the cubby holes paint it bright (possibly fluorescent) orange!

What Color to Paint Desk?
Good Questions

8/4/11 05:59 PM

I second the privacy film idea. I had a similar situation in my apartment and I used the Emma Jeffs stuff:

a little pricey, but pretty cool designs

Ideas For Living Room Window Treatment?
Good Questions

7/5/11 06:43 PM

man this would be so loud, and not just when moving plates around. Looks cool, but not very practical. But hey I guess you can just hose it all down when it's dirty.

An Interesting Concept: Tiled Open Cabinets
3/17/11 12:32 PM

I thought you were supposed to remove the painters tape while the paint is wet? That way it doesn't peel up from the wall.

I've done alot of interior painting and I stopped using tape a while ago. It's not worth the time. Get a good angled tip brush and paint the edges and corners with no tape. It takes some practice, but it's much faster than taping and gives better results.

Also, I do the edges and corners first BEFORE filling in with the roller

How To Paint a Room
2/9/11 09:10 PM

As far as i can tell from the picture it looks like the plasma tv is inset in the wall. This seems like a bad idea because they crank out alot of heat and need ventilation. And somehow I doubt they implemented a cooling or venting mechanism in the wall.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before After: From Woodsy to White California Home Design
7/29/09 03:47 PM

you should also try:

pretty much exactly the same thing, but maybe a slightly better interface.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Padmapper: Apartment Search Tool App
3/6/09 06:25 PM

This is bogus. i've been perusing craigslist for a few months on and off, and SF rents look just as high now as they were a few months ago.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Bay Area Rental Market Gives Tenants an Edge SF Chronicle
1/22/09 05:42 PM

or you could refinish, and add your own graffiti.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Refinish a Metal Locker?
1/20/09 03:54 PM

Paint the shit out of that ceiling. it's hideous. and while the views and the windows themselves are lovely, the window trim made me throw up a little in my mouth. while sanding and restaining everything might be ok, it would be a monumental task. especially since there appear to be small divets between each plank in the ceiling (unlike hardwood flooring). sanding down in those guys would be tough.

But most importantly, remember: this is YOUR house. do with it as you like.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint? Los Angeles
1/20/09 03:52 PM

this sounds rad. i'll give it a go, now where to find the farro...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Warm Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Fontina
1/16/09 06:39 PM

While, not a home makeover show per se, I tend to watch "Small Space, Big Style" because it focuses on small spaces (duh), and how real people solve the problems that come with living in tight urban apartments.

For the record, Trading Spaces is a scourge upon the earth.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT Survey: Best of the Home Makeover Shows?
1/12/09 07:50 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Defenestration at Howard and 6th
1/12/09 07:47 PM

up here in San Francisco I took a few classes on letterpress last year at the SF Center for the Book ( I was doing alot of screenprinting on my own, and I wanted to see what letterpress printing was all about. The classes gave me great perspective on setting type and the printing process, and now I can rent out time on the presses for my own projects!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT on... Taking An Art Class
1/9/09 08:41 PM

best ethiopian in SF, in my opinion.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! '70s Glam Decor Bathroom in San Francisco
12/17/08 02:31 PM