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Great job! Everything looks amazing, I agree that handsome is a perfect adjective for the house. I love the consistency, yet huge variety of period pieces and modern touches. yay toronto!

Will's English Gentry in Cabbagetown House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/15/10 10:23 PM

This is exactly like my bedroom (except I don't have the extra windows where their bed started out). We currently have the bed where they've moved it to and we will be moving the bed to their 1st spot asap! It's awkward where it is in version 2 because someone (hubby) has to walk all the way around to get to his side. It's also awkward to put anything beside the bed (along the far wall). I don't find version 2 an inviting layout when you walk into the room. I'm excited to move our room around to layout 1 and see how that works for us.

Consider The View When Setting Up Your Space | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/28/10 10:37 PM

I would keep a (different) couch where it is, but put 2 chairs perpindicular to the couch (so when you walk in from the front door and look to the left you see the 2 chair backs). This will help separate the space, but still allow for an "airy" feel b/c there will be space between the chairs (as opposed to having a couch there).

Another option would be a bench or 2 ottomans, which would still separate but keep it open up top.

Something needs to be done with the "entry" space though, since this would create a separate living room feel....I can't think of what it needs but will try to come up with something!

PS -- it looks like a great house - congratulations!

How to Arrange Our New Living Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 10:00 PM

I've heard some talk about it smelling --- what are the reviews on this?? Also, I have heard since it dries quickly it's easier to see brush marks and/or roller marks...any comments?

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint: In the Test Lab | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/27/10 08:06 PM

Looks GREAT - the hallway was especially dark and needed an update! How long did the make over take?

Transforming Dark Wood Panel, Part OneHow-To Paint Kitchen Cabinets | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/16/10 11:07 AM

YOu are getting tons of good ideas!! Helps that the space is gorgeous with the built ins.

I suggest leaving the fireplace wall colour it is, but painting the other ones (window walls) darker. This will make the fireplace wall pop (as opposed to recede if you were to do it a dark colour), and will allow the dark tv to mesh in with the wall above it.

I agree with a previous poster that it would be good to put dark baskets or dark something on the shelf on the left side that mirrors where the tv is.

Good luck...can't wait to see the after's!!

Creating an Attractive Display? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/13/10 11:10 PM