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Way too dark w/ coffee and ebony brown stain dominating. Kind of gloomy. The original color allows light to bounce around. And I guess I'll take my chances and not have dust mites!

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2 Renovation Diary
3/4/13 05:42 PM

After making the bed (right on), replacing the large painting above the head board should be a priority.

Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace
6/26/12 12:52 PM

Nice to have dreams but this doesn't seem a real cooks dream but rather another lightweight AT "space filler". I know people who like to cook and have unlimited resources and none would buy a stove like that for starters not to mention the light fixtures, coffee maker & other stuff. Free AT content, not worth much time. Sorry Maxwell.

An Earthy Cook's Kitchen Dream Kitchen
5/15/12 03:50 PM

Kind of terrifying. Too much can sometimes just be too much. Like Ethel Merman doing a self-parody. I like the runner.

Before & After: Colorful Stair Masters Madcap Cottage
2/29/12 11:58 PM

Charming couple, nice redo. Why not paint the deer parts white too with maybe just the eyes untouched for a dream-like quality?

Before & After: A Laundry Room is Born
2/29/12 11:23 PM

What a tacky, dumbed - down, sad little web site AT has become!

Get Your George On: 10 Washington Inspired Products
2/20/12 11:51 PM

Maxwell, I'm in agreement with quiltmaster & Muffy St John in feeling that with all the suffering internationally and here at home this is ethically challenged despicable consumption. Your "Daily Finds" have been over the top too. I love designer things myself but I try to limit my consumption and do a lot of volunteer work. You seem out of touch and very insensitive.

Review: The Kluft Royal Sovereign "Concerto LS" Bed
A Year in Bed

11/21/11 03:52 PM

rcpattern, Victorian style things were out of fashion and therefore cheap in SF at the time. Along with boxes from Chinatown for storage. It's what we had. And Santana, the Dead and Michael Bloomfield played on the street for free.

On Trend in Europe: The Handcrafted Hippie Home Look
10/20/11 12:59 AM

A little macrame doesn't make it a hippie or haute hippie "look" as "older worker" attests to. And older oak Victorian furniture was plentiful at least in SF. Try a bit of research before you fling names about.

On Trend in Europe: The Handcrafted Hippie Home Look
10/18/11 06:24 PM

Hey, Maxwell, where did you get that blue/black long sleeve stripped t-shirt ? Great color. Cheers, Philip

Week 4: Easily Changeable Color
The Color Cure

8/22/11 02:27 PM

Pathetic, just get a color wheel, take some chances, learn what you like from your mistakes. You can always paint over it. And don't dress in your underwear to do part of a video. Just a thought.

Week 2: Warm and Cool Colors
The Color Cure

8/8/11 09:45 PM

Nice space, cool windows, happy couple and that's great but the stuff they have, while clearly important to them, is not very imaginative and rather mediocre. Please, more evident, even risky creativity in these tours !

Tomas and Eric's Downtown Davinci Loft
House Tour

1/21/11 10:39 PM

Love the red Suzuki ! Does it get carried up stairs ? Cheers, Philip

Galen's Ad-hoc Apartment for the Arts House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/23/10 02:42 PM

Mmmm. All this talk of "manly" this and that. Too much thinks this Northern Californian guy. I really think you need some stronger art to work with the wallpaper. And perhaps some Heath dishes and good wine glasses that a real wine lover would use. And some brighter color accents to balance all the beige and brown. Show some unique personal touches and it will reflect convincing of the secure and romantic writer you are. Who, by the way, uses a laptop at the table. And serves good wine. Cheers.

Maxwell's Window: The Writer's Romantic Supper Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/13/10 08:30 PM