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My previous apartment was a 3rd floor walkup in a 150 year old building. Walls were solid and 1-foot thick but the floors was refurbished wood and some places the floor sank a few centimeters when you walked over it. It was really bad in my sons room and we ended up moving him into the dining room to appease the downstairs neighbors. We were new parents and bumping into things at 3,4,5am wasn't helping our relationship.

Our new place is perfect for kids. The upstairs apartment has been empty for years and our downstairs neighbor is a busy supermarket. Because of this all of our son's friends want to come to our place, all the time. We found out, the hard way, there is no home improvement to be done on sunday or after 9pm.

Walk Like a Ballerina: Your Neighbors Will Thank You
8/16/11 11:22 AM

The washer/dryer combos are a POS. I've never encountered one that actually worked and you have to make way too many compromises to get a decent dry. If you have a 5kg combo that means you have a 2kg dryer. So while the wash will take the 1 hour the dry will be 10-16 hours.

You're better off getting a 10€ horse and drying it outside or on the heater. Or spend 5€ and take it down to laundrette where it will be done in 30 minutes. Just enough time to get a coffee or read a book.

Also, since moving here I haven't been able to find a quality toaster over that didn't cost a fortune. In college I think I spent $50 on one that lasted all 4 years.

Space Saving Appliances in Paris
10/5/10 04:34 AM

I guess it depends on the electrical code. Mine won't allow anything 120V+ anywhere near the tub or the sink. You can have outlets off to the side as long as its 3feet away or more (I think).

Unless this is a demo unit for show, or the locality doesn't care about energized devices falling into the tub, someone is playing fast and loose with the code.

BTW, you can get around this buy using low voltage (12VDC) lights and electronics. But I can't imagine how a 30-inch screen uses 12 volts.

Watching TV from the Bathtub: Rub-A-Dub-Challenge
9/29/10 01:33 PM

I'm not a dental professional but I did do a HS paper on flouridation (a long time ago), and I slept in a Holiday Inn Express :-). It was a brilliant move by local governments. At a time when a lot of people couldn't afford toothpaste it was the most effective way to battle tooth decay, and it was amazingly cheap, which made it easy to vote and pass.

Also, I'm unaware of any bottling company that gets a special pipe from the tapwater supply. Flouride is added at the source so either it's in their or it's not. Deflouridating water is definitely possible, I just doubt the bottlers are doing it.

Drink Local: Sexy Tap Water Is In
8/31/10 12:33 PM

$400!? When I was growing up these were popular with scavengers, drug dealers, suspended drivers, and kids with boomboxes. Oh yeah, and old people. I'm sure these can still be found at an estate sale or pawn shop for less than $50.

Unless these things are made of aircraft aluminum or carbon fiber no way are they worth $400

Tricycles Haul Everything But the Kitchen Sink
8/24/10 09:15 AM

Nothing of the sort was mentioned when we installed it. In fact we chose bamboo for the bathrooms because of its resistance to moisture.

Also, it isn't as hard as hardwood so you might want to choose something else for high traffic areas and places where heavy furniture (kitchen or living room)

Bamboo: As Green as You Thought?
8/11/10 04:07 AM

My previous apartment had 10ft ceilings. A nice haussmannian with impeccable mouldings. It made the small rooms look very narrow. It got too hot or too cold. It required more lighting.

It was a great place but the height of the ceilings did nothing for me. I'm sure someone with a large book collection would appreciate the additional storage an extra foot brings. I've seen plenty of homes with bookcase ladders; something that I've only ever previously seen in libraries.

Ceiling Heights: Low to High and Back Again
8/5/10 01:21 PM

@dmstudio. Paris' velib program has the same problem. They have an iPhone app to help you find empty stations since popular stations will already be filled with bikes.

Also, trying to find a bike at the top of the hill can be tough. People ride them down but most don't bother to bring them up.

More Bike Share Programs Across the US
...and Beyond!

8/2/10 06:29 PM

The Velib system is very good. I don't use it that often and prefer to take the metro or walk unless I miss something. Velib is actually a program between advertiser JC Decaux and the city of Paris. The company pays for the bikes and the city grants exclusive access to its network of billboards. Unlike other sponsored bike programs, you'll notice there aren't any ads on the bike itself. It's because the ads are on city owned billboards.

In the beginning they were popular to steal but the novelty wore off, the bikes are heavy, and they are worthless to anyone but the city.

This is part of a much larger program. The mayor is rebuilding streets for only one way traffic, this opens the extra space for wider sidewalks and bike lanes. The only people complaining are commuters who drive to the city. But for city dwellers the decrease in traffic and wider sidewalks is greatly appreciated.

Vélib: Paris's Amazing Bike Share Program | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/27/10 10:33 AM

I'm an american in Paris. Kitchens tend to be small. But numerous apartments are converting the standard kitchen to "American" kitchens. Basically combining the living room, dining, and kitchen into one big room. We recently did this by knocking down a wall, transforming a narrow kitchen and small bedroom into big common room (380sf). With an island.

Since Paris apartments don't normally come with closets or any type of storage the cabinets serve double duty storing food, plates, medicine, toys, CDs and DVDs. When we moved in we had 1 cabinet with a sink and 1 electrical outlet. We were lucky because other places didn't even have a sink.

Me being from the caribbean, I prefer to cook outside if the weather permits.

Cultural Differences in Kitchens | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/9/10 08:39 AM

Month to month can be great. But check the terms. In a previous apartment my rent would increase $300/mo if I didn't renew. It could also increase at anytime because the M2M was based on current market rates, and not what you signed at the last renewal.

This was 2006, at the height of the property/rent bubble when rents only ever increased.

Save on Rent: Don't Move Now! | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/1/10 09:58 AM

This looks great. May I ask where you got the rods for the suspended shelves?

Lucy's Classic Yet Modern Kitchen in Washington D.C. Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Own Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/20/10 04:23 AM

If you're good with DIY and basic electronics you can get lights from Dealextreme for less, with many more. Example this 96-led light string http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7556 is $15. LEDs are cheap so spending $40 for 20 LED is just robbery.

Final Frame: Backlighting Your Setup | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/27/10 05:51 AM