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That DeWalt hammer is crap. Way too heavy for its use. I would invest in one of Paslode's offerings instead.

Stop. Hammer Time! Cordless Hammers!
11/4/10 03:40 PM

Who _really_ wants to spend their time organizing files in folders ? iTunes handles this much better automatically, all you have to do is type artist/song/album in the search field and immediately get the result your looking for. Not spend minutes looking in folders for playing a song.

Can I Make iTunes Watch My Folders for Music?
Good Questions

10/30/10 02:18 PM

Good idea with the Outbox-thing!

I live in a big house with 5 apartments. This inspired me to make a central place where we can put things, and that maybe the things would be of use for one of the other residents ? Good idea!

Day 4: Remove One Item and Set Up Outbox
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/22/10 02:32 AM

Now, I may be a bit more savvy when it comes to carpenting, seeing as thats my profession. But, my solution would be to get some wooden plate to exactly fit in between the legs of the pictured desk and maybe in a height of 20-30 cm above the floor. Maybe the place where you would buy this plate could help you cut it ? Then i would paint this plate in a nice color, white or even black/grey ? Depends on taste. You would then screw this plate in between the legs 10 cm in from the back and this way have space to HANG your cables on the backside. You could just screw it from the outside of the desk, and then buy screw hiders (plastik white hiders that fit into the screwhead) so that nothing becomes visible.

Then, with not too long screws you can hang just about anything on the backside. Wires, ekstra outlets, you name it. I´ve done this in my livingroom with my media setup, except I made a wall that seems to float on the wall itself thats got my tv, my mediafurniture containg my Mac Mini, stereo and XBox and ALL the damn wires hidden in the back. No clutter, just pure niceness. The wall itself is cladded in the same material that my floor consist of...oak flooring.

Managing This Out of Control Cable Conundrum?
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10/2/10 07:23 AM

Actually, it only takes about 50mA to set the heart off-beat. That´s why you should always go to a hospital to get an EKG if you get electrocuted. It´s a very unstable science, however, as a heartattack based on electrocution can occur years after the incident.

Volt only helps the current (A) travel through your body, thats why it is concidered more dangerous because og the higher voltage. Keep in mind though, that a car battery for instance carries more current because of the low voltage. So if you shortcircuit a car battery and touch anywhere you can get seriously amounts of current in you.

Just a little heads up.

Toddler Plays with USB Cable, Ends up in Hospital | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/13/10 05:50 AM