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This post is very helpful! I'm hoping to get some further advice from the community. Hubbie and I just bought a house in Westchester (we've lived in NYC for years but wanted to take advantage of falling house prices).

House is a 1927 Tudor with a big living room with cathedral ceilings and mahogany colored wood beams spaced about 3 feet apart throughout. Current owners painted a horrible beige and I need to repaint a neutral. I want to do the room in neutrals and cool colors. Which of these neutrals would be the best choice to contrast with the wood beams and still give the room some warmth despite cool colors? Swiss coffee? My current apartment on the UWS has linen white on the walls and I love it for its creaminess and contrast with white trim but it does seem a bit yellowy. Thoughts?

The Best Off-White Paint ColorTherapy | Apartment Therapy New York
1/12/10 02:10 PM