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Fabulous colours - looks a lot bigger than it is (as others have said). I too have a problem with pet hairs - we get little black dog hairs from our big black dog, long white dog hairs from our little white dog, and (for good measure) soft, grey remarkably light and fluffy hairs from our half-perisan cat! It's a recipe for insanity.
Two things disturb me about this lovely apartment
1) the Leaning Tower of Novels (I would want to read the one third from the bottom . . .
2) the patio pond - it's really lovely, but it doesn't seem to have a sloping area so that animals could crawl out if they fell in (I'm still haunted by the tragic little drowned hedgehog I fished out of our tiny pond one day, and now have almost more ramps than pond!).

But this is still a lovely - and obviously loved - space.

Lissa's Super-Small Secluded Haven
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3/30/11 02:53 PM

I love it! The brick looks warm and rustic, and the contrast with the cool modern units and appliances and the dark treacley floor is stunning. However I do agree with one comment that the kitchen is in two rooms which seems odd. was this deliberate, or is the brick wall load-bearing, and therefore more trouble than it's worth to remove?

Before & After: Reno From Virtual Mockup to Reality
3/30/11 02:37 PM

How do you dust a duck? Do moths etc not infest it?

Otherwise, love the living room

Christopher's "el Corazon" Mission Flat
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10/26/10 03:36 PM

This is phenomenal! Absolutely phenomeal!

Like every woman in the world, I adore your shoes - and so many colours. I have 14 pairs and my husband thinks that that is 12 pairs too many - obviously, like him I only need 1 smart pair and 1 pair of trainers. Your shoe racks are fabulous (but do the shoes not get damp with steam from the bathroom?)

The whole apartment is incredible. I have two dogs and a cat, so the pale colours wouldn't work for me, but I would love to have a home which was so light and airy (and compact - I love small cosy areas). Perhaps in 20 years I will have a couple of mexican hairless dogs and a baldy sphinx cat, instead of a westie, a rottie/stafford cross and a persian, then I can indulge.

Well done, sweetie - your home is beautiful.

Caroline's Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget
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10/22/10 02:15 PM

This is stunning! Your eye for colour (Yes, I'm English) and design is amazing,

Can I ask two favours?
1) What variety of hens are your chicken babies? Their eggs are beautiful (I assume that was a home grown one in the picture)
2) Will you give us another tour when you have human babies as well? - I would love to see if you can keep jam (jelly) off those immaculate walls

Actually, three favours - if you decide not to have children, will you adopt me? - I promise I'll be good if I can sleep in that gorgeous guest room.

Christine & Vijay's Charming Urban Farmhouse House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/4/10 01:31 PM

I'm with Anna on this one - many years ago my sister (then aged 10) knocked a glass jar into the bath and sliced her feet and legs trying to get out - couldn't see glass under water properly). Why take an unneccassary risk?

Look!: Organizing Small Stuff in the Bathroom | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/12/10 11:52 AM