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What a sweet idea!

Best Kids Parties: The Sound of Music My Party
6/10/13 04:08 PM

Super cute!

Best Kids Parties: Rainbows & Pinwheels My Party
5/23/13 09:34 PM

My kids love quite a few of these movies. They also LOVED the Red Balloon!

Movie Nights: Foreign Movies for Children
5/22/13 03:09 PM

So sweet!

Best Kids Parties: Korean Dol My Party
5/17/13 04:20 PM


Sophia & Charlotte's Perfectly Balanced Shared Room My Room
5/14/13 10:40 PM

I am one the minority that got a rash from the baking soda when I made my own.

Quick, Easy, Homemade Deodorant...that Actually Works Apartment Therapy Tutorial
5/8/13 03:10 PM

very cool.

Upcycled Style: Quirky Colorful DIY Bench Camille Styles
5/7/13 11:51 PM

Oh,my, thanks for all the sweet comments. Ashni has loved Janelle Monae since she first saw the Tightrope video a couple of years ago. She immediately had to have a pair of saddle oxfords and a bow tie, lol. I felt like the decor was lacking, so I whipped up that boombox on the fly the day before the party (Ashni still has it in her room). @Stream13 and p_caoucine We only do big themed parties for ages 4 to 10 because I have four daughters and I would be planning parties half of the year for the rest of my life if we did them all the time. I used my oldest daughter as a gauge. She didn't remember any of her parties before she turned four, but at almost 12, she still remembers her fourth.

Best Kids Parties: Janelle MonĂ¡e My Party
5/3/13 02:24 PM

Swoon, I love Bob's Burgers. This apartment is awesome.

Langston's KidRobot-Inspired Home House Tour
1/24/13 09:26 PM

Cute! This is what my soon to be four year old chose as her birthday party theme this year.

Best Kids Parties: Sushi My Party
1/2/13 09:33 PM

YAY! Snowman poop!

More DIY Ornaments to Make with Kids
12/17/12 07:40 PM

My three year old decided that she wants one of those Glade color changing candles.

Hilarious Kid Gift Requests: The Year I Asked Santa for a Hamburger
12/13/12 10:00 PM

ANYTHING by They Might Be Giants!!

A Kids Playlist to Keep Everybody Dancing
11/19/12 11:00 PM

My 11 year old loves Karito Kids. She has Ling from Shanghai and Lulu fro Nairobi.

Fashion Dolls: Alternatives to Barbie
10/31/12 11:28 PM

I want to live where I can get another bedroom for the price of 4 beds!!!

A Custom Bunk Solution for Four Sisters
7/23/12 11:04 PM

Yep, frozen bananas are my old standby for creamy smoothies. Frozen strawberries and bananas, a scoop of yogurt, a splash of OJ and almond milk. Tastes just like a Starburst :o)

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient!
7/3/12 09:40 PM

This is really awesome! I have four kids and three bedrooms (we stopped having kids because WE were ready, not based on how many bedrooms were in our house), so two kids in each or their bedrooms. You (on the stop having kids side) would be shocked at how often all four WANT to sleep in the same room. This would be awesome for the times that happens. Mine all tend to squeeze in the bottom bunk for some reason.

Building 3 Bunk Beds in a Small Space
The Handmade Dress

6/29/12 05:07 PM

I thought the photography was great. i paint huge portraits of children (well, mostly children) and very rarely are they ever smiling (I enjoy seeing children, my own included, in moments of seriousness and concentration) . I like that break from the norm. That being said, I'd probably not spend tons of time looking at the site.

New Online Magazine: Kid-In
5/18/12 07:03 PM

I recognize that little face, lol. Such a cute party.

Best Kids Parties: Sweet & Simple My Party
5/11/12 07:29 PM

We are a family of 6 in a three bedroom house, so space is limited. My younger daughters have bunk beds in their room, while my older daughters do not. Their rooms about the same size, but there is just so much more space with the bunk beds. The older girls actually spend more time in their younger sisters' room because there is more room to spread out. It is definitely difficult to make up the top bunk, though.

Are Bunkbeds Worth It?
4/10/12 10:37 PM