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After my fourth grade band concert (I played the oboe), I used my Book-It certificate to get a personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut. I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up until my stomach was empty. I couldn't eat pizza for years and now that I do eat pizza again (and love it again), I can't even stand the smell a Pizza Hut from my car.

Also, Caesar salad, but that was from food poisoning in high school, the night before the SATs. I can't even smell Caesar dressing anymore.

Not surprisingly, I don't eat in restaurants before or after important life events.

What Was Your Worst Childhood Food Experience?
8/3/12 05:57 PM

I liked any hidden spaces or finished attics. I was convinced that the house I grew up in was part of the Underground Railroad because it had an access panel to the shower (I thought it was a secret door) and that my mom's roll-top desk had a secret compartment that housed a letter from George Washington. Really our house was built in the 1970s and the desk was from Sears Outlet.

My mom was a realtor and let me come with her to show houses a lot. I liked brand new houses and plush carpet. We went into a model home once and my sister slid down the laundry chute and got stuck. However, I LOVED old houses because of the aforementioned secret spaces and attics. The house I own now was built in 1880.

What Impressed You About Other Homes As a Kid?
5/18/12 05:03 PM

My husband loves pink (and he's a big, burly electrician) so his bedroom growing up was bubble gum pink with navy plaid bedding and when he grew up and lived with his friend, his bedroom was painted hot pink with an orange ceiling, orange area rug and black bedding. At first I cringed at the combination but once I got to know my husband better, I really started to appreciate his aesthetic.

What about a pink tapestry to hang on the wall or ceiling?
Also, pink lamp, throw pillows, area rug, etc.

Kudos to you for raising a boy who is secure enough to like what he likes.

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
Good Questions

3/22/12 09:08 AM

What a sweet tiny little baby!
Oh, and the wallpaper's cute, too :)

Renewed Love for Wallpaper in the Nursery
3/7/11 08:09 PM

I agree with many of these above, especially recipes calling for obscure ingredients I don't have or can't find and those requiring specific equipment. A dough hook? I don't even know what one looks like and I've been baking and making bread for years. I just skip those recipes and revert to my grandmother's recipes because she definitely didn't have a stand mixer, let alone a dough hook. She used her own little hands.

Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?
2/22/11 04:30 PM

I just tell people that once I started learning more about nutrition and health, I made a choice and now I feel much better. If they inquire further I tell them: I now poop every day and my body chemistry seems more level now that I'm no longer consuming antibiotics and hormones. There are also the animal cruelty reasons so sometimes I throw in a "I wouldn't eat my dog so how could I eat an innocent cow or chicken?"

With my own parents, I'm more vocal about it. I begged them to stop eating meat because they have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I'd like to see them live a lot longer. They've done a great job with eating less of it and they admit they feel better.

What Is the Best Way To Tell People I'm Now a Vegetarian?
Good Questions

2/9/11 08:47 PM

My house was built in 1880. Awesome, right? Unfortunately, it was completely re-done in the 70's to include wood paneling (with no insulation behind it and which has been painted multiple shades of beige), an indoor bathroom was added that is NOT up to code and is being supported by a 2'x4' on a sideways broken cinderblock, crappy cardboard-type ceiling tiles were added to hide the exposed beams, beige wall-to-wall-carpet was installed to cover the wood floors and absorb every cigarette smoked and urine expelled from a pet, and every ounce of charm was either removed or covered. We've removed the ceilings and carpets but all the other stuff is heartbreaking. Not to mention the deck is unsafe for even a cooler, our basement floods, and the whole house is slanted. The stairs consist of 3 normal steps followed by 8 pie-shaped wooden steps that have contributed to broken ribs and a bruised butt but we put some gorgeous sandpaper tape on the edges of each step. Also, the smallest bedroom has four electrical outlets while our bedroom (which was originally two rooms back in the day) has one my husband's closet.

Still, despite its faults, I love the crazy house.

Does Your Home Have DIYs You Wish Hadn't Been Done? | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/9/10 09:24 PM