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I recently saw a tiling situation on tv where they were using tile that was different thicknesses. They simply added a strip of backer board (drywall, cement board, etc.) on the section where the thinner tile was going that was the appropriate thickness to make up the difference.

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2/9/11 11:50 AM

I third the L brackets suggestion. One additional tip.

Pre-drill your holes very carefully. To achieve a tight seam you will need to get your screw exactly centered in the screw hole. To give yourself some wiggle room you can also cheat your pre-drill hole in the screw hole to the outside side of the seam your are joining. I hope that makes sense!

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1/19/11 01:17 PM

I lived in a garden apartment for nearly 2 years in Chicago. There are two issues that you should investigate thoroughly before making a decision.

The first is flooding, as someone else mentioned. I was assured prior to signing my lease that there had been no flooding in the unit. Almost two years later, following a major rainstorm, I had a mud line approximately 8" up my wall and destroyed stuff. Most renters insurance policies don't include flood insurance, so I and some of my friends who also lived in garden apartments were s-o-l. I moved out a month later. My current house has no flooding issues in the basement, despite having a bathroom down there, so it really can vary. Be careful.

Second issue that was a problem in my place was the flooring. I had a linoleum floor that had been laid over the concrete slab. This provided no insulation and was extremely chilly in the winter.

On the plus side, it was the most comfortable place I have ever lived in during the summer. The sun issue really wasn't a draw-back for me as I worked long hours and spent a log of time out with friends. It sounds as if the amenities definitely make up for a lack of sun and view, provided the flooring is good and there hasn't been any flooding in the last 3 - 4 years.

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12/1/10 02:49 PM

We have multiple sets of World Market's Buffet dishes. Someone else mentioned them already, 12 plates for $20, which are only available in the store. They're cheaper than Ikea even.

World Market also has great serving dishes.

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11/2/10 02:29 PM

We are in the finishing touches of a major kitchen remodel. We chose white kitchen cabinets with very simple arts and crafts style doors for exactly this reason, they are timeless. Our appliances involved a major debate, to go with stainless or not. Ultimately, they are beautiful and so much nicer to look at, we decided we didn't care if they became the latest kitchen appliance fad. (I personally don't think they will, as commercial kitchens have used stainless for a much longer period of time.) We went with a dark granite and are using marble tiles on the backsplash. It's sleek and sophisticated - at least we think - and reflects our personalities while being something that future home owners can enjoy.

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3/12/10 03:11 PM

Not sure where you are located, but if you're in Chicago there's an excellent antique lighting store, Cavalier Antique Lighting at Ashland and Montrose. I've bought multiple fixtures from them for my bungalow. Bring in your pictures! If they don't have the right thing, they can probably steer you to a source.

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1/8/10 05:50 PM