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I'm with most of the other commenter. I don't typically iron anything - except my sheets. I also make my bed everyday. I love the look of a crisp, clean well-made bed.

Do You Iron Your Bed Sheets?
3/23/12 11:55 AM

I just moved into a new house with "absolute blanc" quartz. It's pure white. I love it!

Finally! Corian in Designer White | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/12/10 12:58 PM

I am just finishing an 8 week upholstry class at Truman College. You can bring in a chair but no sofas. They provide most of the tools but you would need to do any refinishing or sewing on your own at home with advice from the instructor. I've loved it and the prices is right - under $200. There is another session starting this month.

Tutorial & Fabric Advice for Chair Upholstery Project? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/4/10 11:01 AM

went there after work yesterday and jut about everything was gone. Just a couple of lamps.

Shhhh! A Small (Not So) Secret Super Sale | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/28/10 07:21 AM

I'm going to use the last one on a hallway wall when I move in February. FYI, I ordered a sample and they are too small to get a feel for the pattern. But, they are only $2 so might still be worth it. I'm also wondering if re-positionable tape is going to work or damage the paper. Will have to practice on the sample.

Graham & Brown Online Modern Wallpaper Source | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/20/10 02:45 PM

Thanks for all the great comments.

I definately want the dining table in the front room and not the back. From years of having the kitchen seperate from some seating and TV, I am looking forward to being able to talk to my husband while I undertake my lenthy cooking experiments. I am looking for this space to be more formal but still intimate. Will be thinking hard about moving the table. Need to decide soon as the light fixture placement has to be finalized.

What to Do with "Awkward" Extra Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/15/10 10:14 AM

For those of you in Chicago, Truman College has reintroduced their 6 week upholstry class. My session starts Jan 20th so I'll let you know how it goes.

From Frame To Fabric: Making An Ottoman From Scratch Week One: Upholstering Is Not For Wimps | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/8/10 05:38 PM

If you haven't yet discovered it, I would highly recommend "Man Shops Globe" on the Sundance channel. It follows the one of a kind, found object, furniture buyer for Anthropology and features a different country every episode. I love his eye and the way he reinvents classics. Tons of great ideas and really makes you appreciate his talent.

Anthropologie's January Catalog 5 DIY Ideas to Steal | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/8/10 05:34 PM