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m_sf: We love our Furminator, too - we Furminate the dog outdoors and it cuts down on shedding indoors.

lynnindc: I'm personally not comfortable telling someone their house smells bad. Maybe if it were a very close friend, but with less close friends, I don't feel comfortable. Besides, is it even possible that they don't notice an incredibly overpowering cat urine smell when they come home from work every day? Your nose isn't used to it after 10 hours at the office. And in my opinion, your home's hygiene is your own responsibility. I do 'smell checks' in my home all the time. We preemptively take out the garbage if we even suspect it could smell bad, for example. I think it's common sense that if you have an animal living in your home, you need to be extra mindful of cleanliness and odors.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets (aka: Don't Be the \"Smelly House Friend\")
5/16/13 07:39 PM

Before we got a dog, we knew we didn't want to be 'those' people, so we buckled down and bought a Dyson, which was worth every penny. We vacuum every other day or so. We bathe the dog regularly and use wet wipes and dry shampoo between baths. He has a healthy diet which is grain free and includes a daily probiotic (he has tummy and allergy issues if we don't stick to that). We occasionally give him dental-cleaning chews and we brush his teeth. He isn't allowed on the furniture if we suspect he's dirty. As a result, you'd never know (by smell or appearance) that our home includes a large dog.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets (aka: Don't Be the \"Smelly House Friend\")
5/16/13 02:38 PM

Ugh, we have a friend whose house is absolutely marinated in what you can only describe as really potent dog b.o. and another friend whose house smells so strongly of cat urine that I can't visit them anymore. It's weird b/c in both cases these are seemingly well-adjusted, healthy, educated professionals who don't neglect other areas of their lives as far as I can tell (but who knows). I don't know if they just lack hygiene sensibility or if they've become desensitized to the smell, but I feel embarrassed for them as everyone notices it but doesn't say anything b/c no one wants to hurt feelings.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets (aka: Don't Be the \"Smelly House Friend\")
5/16/13 02:33 PM

My goodness, this may be the first AT home tour where I've liked every single thing. And even having lived in SF, I've never seen a home in SF I liked as much as this one. Very impressed by Kyle's attention to detail (her dad's, too!).

Kyle's Cottage in the City House Tour
5/15/13 08:36 PM

I wonder how he washes his duvet given it's lacking a cover. Throw the whole thing in the wash? Dry clean more often?

Greg's Every Square Foot Counts Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 06:40 PM

I don't think people are unaware that better quality furniture often costs more money. But I think most people who read Apartment Therapy aren't looking to spend $7k on a dining table. Suggesting very expensive pieces will just often not be of interest to your readers b/c your site is positioned as one for a certain demographic (and not those who choose their home decor from Architectural Digest).

The High and Low Prices of Our Furniture Apartment Therapy On...
5/14/13 08:26 PM

How is this relevant to Apartment Therapy? B/c you might be in your home wearing that?

Get This Tech Look: Accessorizing the J. Crew Summer Outfit Technologist Style
5/14/13 08:04 PM

I prefer SignNow, which has the additional options of notarizing (quick, easy, small fee) or having an attorney review your document. SignNow has a mobile app and a web interface. SUPER easy.

How To E-Sign Documents the Easy Way
4/15/13 05:06 PM

We have one, but it was there when we moved in. I like how it delineates the space, but I shudder to think of what creepy crawlies are under there. For that reason, I'd prefer a stone patio, no weird in-between space that I can't easily tend to.

Low Wooden Decks: Yea or Nay?
4/9/13 07:21 PM

Nope, no way. Reminds me of how animals live in factory farms. Give me your 2,000 miles of wide-open prairie ANY day :-)

Michael Wolf's Architecture Of Density:
Would You Live Here?

4/5/13 07:26 PM

I *love* this, I think I'll try to incorporate this palette into my dark-ish master bedroom.

Before and After:
Bri Emery's Living Room Makeover Design Love Fest

3/29/13 04:30 PM

Love this! Favorited :-)

Minetta's Layered & Luxurious Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/11/13 04:27 PM

lol @ all the landlords having fits in here over tenants painting. I think we all understand why there are sometimes rules about painting a rental and why it's not really right to break them. But if it makes you feel better to breathlessly lecture everyone, by all means :-)

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
3/8/13 06:22 PM

Doesn't it look like the group is painted over in the photo? Is that something people do? Maybe just the exact color of the tile?

BiteMyAppleStore Profile
3/7/13 02:06 PM

I did, painted every room and the landlord thanked me upon move-out. He said I definitely left the place in a better condition than what I found it in. Felt pretty great about that!

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
3/7/13 02:04 PM

Paint the walls a more neutral color, refinish or replace the dining set to something understated. Get everything super clean but otherwise - I've been there - I suggest you embrace the retro vibe. I would ensure your accessories (dining set, window treatment, any other decor) are of great quality, understated so as to not compete w/the kitschy stuff you can't change (floor, tiles), and coordinated well w/one another (that way, fewer loud, distracting elements and more cohesion).

There are such things as 'tile tattoos' and tile paints, but I can't imagine the former hold up to frequent and thorough cleaning and the latter is unlikely to look nice if applied by mere mortals.

Ideas for No-Painting Rental Kitchen? Good Questions
3/5/13 04:30 PM

The downstairs neighbors should be mad at whomever designed the space w/insufficient noise insulation instead of being mad at their neighbors, who are just going about their lives (and even taking extra precautions).

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 06:11 PM

This is just a fact of life in living in shared buildings. They need to grow up and realize that living this way means they will have to deal w/the lives of other people - the noises, the smells, the attitudes, the children and pets, etc.

The decent thing to do in your position is to take basic precautions against creating excess noise - the golden rule approach, which it sounds like you've done. The decent thing to do in their case is to not bother you about this b/c they are the ones who chose to live in such an arrangement.

It's just basic common sense that if you live in a basement apartment (or any apartment) you will likely have to deal w/such things. Even in homes, neighbors have an occasional loud party and most decent human beings won't raise hell over it, even if it's a temporary nuisance. That's life and it's really not a big deal.

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 03:42 PM

I just hope Suzee is right! My mom's house will be the most stylish, if so :P

I think we'll more rustic looks, texture everywhere, lots of natural elements, distressed materials juxtaposed with industrial elements like cast iron. Less nickel and silvery elements, more brass and golden elements. I think navy is going to be a popular color, especially with modern takes like quatrefoil lattice patterns, for example.

Whatever the new trends are, I'm sure that 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster will still be in every other person's house. And all of those oh, so 'clever' offshoots of said poster.

Trend Prediction: What Do You Think is The Next Big Thing?
1/25/13 03:36 PM

This again? The shoes-on people think the shoes-off people are uptight, OCD nutcases.

The shoes-off people think the shoes-on people are uncouth cretins.

This discussion has been done to death on AT.

Shoes On or Off in the Home?
11/22/10 08:44 PM