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@scwilson47: Many many cats occupy that space. Mine do in my kitchen. And I know three friends who have the same thing going on in their household.

But they're not allowed up there when cooking is happening! It's NOT disgusting to let them perch up there when the kitchen isn't in use though!

I have been considering what to do with my above-cabinet space, too... and am considering keeping it empty except for a cake plate that I store up there because I have no other space for it!

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

2/26/11 03:11 AM

Gorgeous! I can't stop looking at it! I, too, would LOVE to know where you got the pillows on your sofa.

Evolution of an Accent Wall
2/23/11 01:44 AM

I looove this color scheme! Is that a Karlstad Ikea sofa? If so, where in the world did you get that fabulous cover for it? :)

Lauren's Gray Glamorous Living Room Room for Color - East #19 | Apartment Therapy DC
1/6/10 09:37 PM