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Turning on Push notifications will also eat up your battery more quickly. I often need my phone to survive all day with just one charge, so push is turned off and brightness is lowered. It's amazing how those two things make a HUGE difference for battery life (especially turning off push. I depend on my email for work, but honestly I check it ever fifteen to twenty minutes anyway. I didn't need to know the exact second an email came in.)

Living with Push Notifications,
Day & Night

8/11/12 10:27 PM

I got my first gray hair at 12. Yep 12. Now in my late 20s I'm super salt and pepper and have to dye my hair to hide those confusing gray hairs. So yes, this post is totally awesome since I'm tired of my hair feeling greasy and my color getting altered by the water.

Like a Brita for Your Bath: The Rise of the Shower Filter
1/5/12 07:38 PM

I only use my calendar on my phone and I write important dates on my chalkboard if they need to be seen by everyone. I sort of hate having a paper calendar. I find them a little stressful to look at. I'd rather just live a day at a time instead of staring at a month.

Do You Hang a Calendar in Your Home?
1/5/12 07:31 PM

I also bought a cheap one from Target and used it for all of my clothes... and then everything fell over and fell apart.

Is DIY Clothing Rack Sturdy Enough for My Clothes?
Good Questions

12/7/11 05:55 PM

Just remember for all of our out of town friends, check for bed bugs and make sure you immediately wash all your clothing when you get home. In New York bed bugs are more than just a nursery rhyme.

The Harlem Flat: A Stylish Urban Vacation Rental
9/20/11 10:16 PM

Although this is lovely and temping, it's also dangerous and illegal. I crave green space as much as the next person but using the fire escape for a personal garden is irresponsible.

Jussie's Farm Escape
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #4

8/16/11 11:17 AM

I lucked out. I was working in Florida with very limited time to visit New York to find an apartment. My mom ran into one of her friends in the grocery store and her friend had kept in touch with her son's old roommate... who knew of an opening in his building for an EXTREMELY good deal. I flew up the next weekend to check it out and I signed the lease that day. It was the first place I even looked at in the city and I'm constantly amazed at how great my location is and how low my rent is. Now if I could use some of the luck in my career! :)

How Did You Find Your First Apartment?
8/1/11 08:16 PM

We did this last year because living in Manhattan, we get a lot of guests. The only problem was, I just wanted guests to date it and sign their name and my roommate pressured people into writing lengthy entries. It resulted in people feeling like they had to write us epic thank you notes in the book instead of just a quick and fun way to preserve a memory. When the roommate moved out, I trashed the guest book idea because it made both me AND my guests uncomfortable.

Add a Guest Book to Your Home
7/29/11 11:33 AM

I do background on a lot of tv shows and they'll ask for four complete suits with optional changes. I stack them all on top of each other with the hangers still attached, then use the hangers as my base as I roll them down. Using this method I've gotten four full suits plus 2 pairs of shoes in a BACKPACK with no wrinkles. When you live on the top floor of a five story walk up, you don't want to be dragging a suitcase to set. :)

The Organized Traveler: Packing Tips
7/28/11 08:45 PM

My mom had a renter who wanted to make cosmetic changes to the house and was qualified to do so. Their agreement was, he could make changes with her permission but he did it out of pocket. Like you, he didn't like the vanity area but it was a matter of personal taste and not function so if he was willing to pay for the cosmetic change, she was okay with it.

How To Make Changes In Rental Apartment?
Good Questions

3/20/11 11:57 AM

I have a chalkboard which I use to create multicolored notes to myself of important dates (auditions, flights, etc.) But I use my iPhone to keep track of everything else. I can see at a glance how many days I booked work that month and what I have coming up. It's a great visual cue for me. I also carry around a mini notebook to keep track of the more detailed info (i.e. where we're filming, what time, what I'm wearing, etc.) So I guess I have three calendars!

What's Your Calendar Organization Style?
12/7/10 10:56 AM

One of my favorite sets in New York is "White Collar." Truly beautiful design!

Set Design: A Tribute to Early 90's Television Dramas
11/13/10 01:12 PM

It's very pretty, but I'd be hesitant to hang a beloved dress in the window for fear of the sun bleaching it. Hanging it off a bookcase, or wall though might be a nice way to admire a treasured vintage dress.

I Spy: Hanging Dress Displays
11/8/10 05:41 PM

I had so much fun yesterday! Thank you for hosting this great event! It's so interesting to see NYC on foot. I'm so used to taking the subway everywhere, it's fascinating to see how it all connects when you take the time to walk.

Tomorrow: The 7th Annual Broadway Walk
11/8/10 10:39 AM


Couches Made From Old Refrigerators and Car Seats
11/7/10 09:53 PM

Wow, a Manhattan apartment with a washer and dryer? Insanity! Great layout and lovely views. Nice find!

Patricia's Pied à Terre
House Call

11/5/10 02:48 PM

It looks like someone clubbed and skinned a mutant Wookie and hung it on a wall. I'll pass.

What Do You Think? Felted Wall Hanging
10/21/10 12:06 PM

I have the Otterbox Defender Series for my 3G iPhone and its amazing. It takes all the stress out of owning an expensive, delicate piece of equipment. People are always asking me what kind of phone I have though. Apparently it makes it look like a gaming system. I'm willing to sacrifice sleek looks for great function though!

The Tale of 3 iPhone Cases... Good, Mediocre, and Scratched
Unplggd Test Lab

10/21/10 12:05 PM

It would also be a great way to keep the remote buttons from getting dusty!

Another "Duh!" Moment: Flip Your Remote Face-Down
10/21/10 11:56 AM

I would do finger painting paints right before I planned on washing the car anyway.

Create a Rainbow
10/21/10 11:43 AM