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I think brown bedding would tie in the nature themed decals and the frog together. Also it would make it less a nursery and more a shared room. Something like these Land Of Nod Moving Blankets would look good:

Integrating Legare Frog Bed Into Nursery
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3/4/11 03:32 PM

Amazing. I love it.

Turn Empty Diaper Boxes Into A Dapper Storage Solution
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2/9/11 11:04 AM

"The current pricing for Nuzzles™ is US $29 per character, with a minimum order of $100"(!!!!)

What if your kid is named Max or Ava or something? It's very nice to look at but very expensive.

1/6/11 10:14 AM

Great colors. Wish there was a close-up on the bedding/crib.

My Room: Jacob Mateo
Columbia, SC

12/21/10 08:10 PM

Well done making a room very boy friendly without making it generic. I bet your boys love it! It's nice seeing a more "realistic" child's room. So many are filled with obvious adult touches that I wonder if it was decorated for the kid or for the parents.

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12/21/10 08:50 AM

Wow I couldn't even tell that was a wooden glider. Great upholstery job. I really love the colors in this room. Not too strong, not too subtle.

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Austin, TX

12/15/10 10:31 AM

I love this so much. I can't sew and am generally uncrafty but I would love to make this.

DIY Hula Hoop Gnome Home Playhouse
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12/9/10 09:36 AM

I agree with everything matt manfredini said.

A Less Shabby Slipcover Solution?
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12/2/10 11:35 AM

Looks adorable, I would love to see a wide shot!

Lily Q's "Blue is Not Just for Boys" Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #44

11/16/10 02:56 PM

4 for $85:*F%3F&GUID=5cca875a1290a03662550105ffd0dab7&itemid=180580177836&ff4=263602_304642

Have You Seen Similar Turkey Chairbacks?Good Questions
11/8/10 03:32 PM

Oh wow what great colors! This is my favorite so far.

Kim- I think she got the rug at ZGallerie. I've been eying it myself for my bedroom.

Blake's Outdoors In
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #6

11/1/10 03:15 PM

I've seen this pic around the net a lot, where is it originally from? Was it a nursery tour? I want to see the rest of the room!

Recreating this Vintage-Inspired Shared Room
little.lovely on li'l Magoolie

10/31/10 12:49 PM

New England is very nice in August. Maine for lobster and the ocean, New Hampshire for lakes, and Massachusetts for Boston activities (such as The Freedom Trail).

What Should a Young UK Family See and Do in the US?
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10/27/10 04:19 PM

Really nice understated room. I LOVE that couch. Where is it from? My only complaint is there is too much stuff on the coffee table. But then again, I like an almost bare coffee.

Haley's "Dramatic Dimension" Living Room
10/11/10 04:31 PM

This one is black forest but it's cute and not a bad price:

A Cuckoo Clock for a Kid
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10/7/10 05:25 PM

This is sweet, graphic, and ready to hang:

Large Artwork for this Wall?
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10/7/10 10:13 AM

This house has some truly beautiful elements. But I often wonder, in cases of highly stylized houses such as this, what are they going to do when the "steampunk" style falls out of favor and just looks dated?

Bruce & Melanie's Steampunk Victorian
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10/6/10 07:59 AM

Love the punches of orange. My son has his name above his crib with a paper airplane decal going through it also. But I like Clark's better!

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9/23/10 07:40 PM

I love the Nacho Libre costume so much I'm debating making one for my son.

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9/22/10 06:42 PM

Some people don't already have a plastic pumpkin (our family doesn't) wouldn't it be better to buy a bag that donates money rather than to buy a bag that doesn't?

FEED Trick-or-Treat Bag
9/17/10 11:44 AM