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Great list (especially regarding knick knacks)! I'd add a few more things:

Keep your personal (owner) belongings in a locked closet and make sure your guests have adequate storage for their clothes. People like to feel like it's their place for the time they are there.

If you're providing linens, buy decent quality and stick with neutral colors. I like white (despite its tendency to show dirt) because it can be bleached and looks fresh on beds and in bathrooms. Also provide separate beach/outdoor towels and include this perk in your instructions.

Last, add at least one amenity (even in a modest cottage) such as an outdoor shower or a nice grill. Your guests will be thrilled and you'll enjoy it too.

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7/26/11 01:11 PM

Any idea if they're for sale in the U.S.?

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Fast Company

5/10/11 02:31 PM

I just noticed the "accent decor dyed cowhides" in the Shades of Light catalog last night.
Hope this helps.

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1/12/10 09:26 AM