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Prety cool! ;-)

Apartment Therapy - #35- JD Design's Wow Factor
10/24/07 02:10 PM

I really like it a lot!And Carmen what was your major inspiration?
I love the orange paint! cooool!!!

Apartment Therapy - #29- Carmen's Little Pops of Color
10/24/07 07:39 AM

!!!!! I'm diying to see the rest of this house!!!! what a smart, great, & beautiful way to put colors together...I Completely sure that the person who lives in this house must be happy all the time!!!YOU deserve to WIN!!!! ^_^

Apartment Therapy - #28- Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette
10/24/07 07:33 AM

I think he/she made his/her effort to show us a nice room, plz have more consideration with your words.....I kinda of think that maybe was the quality of the photography and light....
Thanks for showing us your room.=)

Apartment Therapy - #28 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/24/07 05:16 AM