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So, where does she store any actual food?

125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

11/14/10 09:40 AM

No offense, but these "tips" are really stupid. And the first photo looks like someone melted or spontaneously combusted on top of the bed. I keep picturing the Wicked Witch of the East.

8 Stylist's Tricks That Really Work
11/11/10 09:08 PM

You could always just subscribe to a basic cable package (which, as far as I know, always includes the local channels & news), and watch your specialty/cable shows online or download them (via iTunes, for example). Best of both worlds, and you're not paying for a billion packaged channels that you're never going to watch.

Why I'm Not Switching to Internet TV Anytime Soon
11/11/10 11:29 AM

I hope you people are kidding...

Zombies are Attacking! Which House Do You Hide In?
11/11/10 10:09 AM

Yes, not a theatre at all.

Creating a Swedish Upscale Modern Theater

11/10/10 10:16 AM

p.s. please excuse my many grammar/spelling inconsistencies above--I blame jetlag :)

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 06:46 PM

wow, some people have really forgotten what it means to be a host. it should mean putting the comfort of your guests first.

Exactly. I think we've lost the art of hospitality nowadays. I have a dog, a little, very well-behaved Yorkie who loves people and is loved by many people. However, it she was being a pest or jumping all over people, I would (and do, the rare times I need to) put her in her crate until she behaves herself or the guest have left. Fortunately, she's not a yappy or hyper dog, she's very submissive and quiet, in fact, but some guests aren't huge dog fans. As long as my guests at least show some respect to my dog, I'm more than happy to accommodate them. But I am the host and it is MY job to ensure that my dog is behaving and that my guests are comfortable and having a good time (to the best of my abilities).

As a guest, I appreciate it when hosts either control their dogs or put them away when I come over for dinner. Even more so their children. Unfortunately, a lot of parents think it's "cute" when their kids scream, shriek, throw tantrums, food, etc.

I somehow doubt, though, we'll be seeing a "how to be a hospital host AND good parent" post any time soon.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 06:45 PM

I wish the pic's were less "creative" and more "descriptive".

Welcome Home, Captain

11/8/10 02:32 PM

Definitely DON'T stop paying rent, that's just stupid and can bite you in the behind later. Keep a record of all your contact with your landlord, as stated above, call the non-emerg. police # when you're neighbours' music is loud late at night. Definitely check out a tenant's rights organization.

redneckmodern's suggestion above is another great idea. I know people who have done that due to non-repaired safety issues (after falling down stairs and really injuring herself and had already notified the landlord months ago to fix it), so she withheld rent but kept it in a safe place so it could be paid in full immediately upon remedy of the situation (a legal escrow account is even better). But, as others have stated, noisy neighbours really aren't your landlord's problem--call the city or police. Your landlord might even be fined as the owner of the building, and then s/he will surely act on it.

Just be sure that you're being reasonable.

How To Deal With Threatened Eviction?
Good Questions

11/8/10 02:23 PM

Try a higher, round table in a living room seating area with armchairs, instead of a low coffee table. Then the space can be conversation or dining.
posted by hippyvieja

Wow, that's a great idea hippyvieja !

How to Fit a Dining Room Into a Small Space
11/8/10 09:40 AM

ElevatorHappyFun: what are you doing looking at personal websites at work? :-P I think you're telling fibs to prove a point.

FORM 3 Waterproof Rechargeable Personal Massager
Unplggd Test Lab

11/7/10 12:25 AM

Absolutely beautiful, Faith! It went from gross (sorry) to gorgeous and so worth it; it just goes to show you that just because you live in a rental, doesn't mean that you shouldn't invest a little time/energy/effort/$ to make it a home.

Just curious, did you get permission from your landlord first, or did you just go ahead and do it, knowing that it would be a vast improvement over the existing nook? I've found in my experience, landlords here won't let you alter a THING even though it would improve the place and even when I offered to hire pro's and pay for it myself.

Before & After: Kitchen Breakfast Nook Makeover
Kitchen Project

11/6/10 03:16 PM

jimmyjane doesn't sell any "personal massagers" on their website, but they do sell thoughtfully designed vibrators. why not call a spade a spade?

Hah, you're right! If it's a vibrator, just call it a vibrator, especially if the manufacturer/seller calls it a vibrator. Sheesh, people. Besides, we've had reviews of designer dildos here on AT before.

FORM 3 Waterproof Rechargeable Personal Massager
Unplggd Test Lab

11/4/10 01:47 AM

I was just thinking that we were well overdue for a sex toy review ;-)

FORM 3 Waterproof Rechargeable Personal Massager
Unplggd Test Lab

11/3/10 06:48 PM

It looks fantastic, and congratulations! :)

The Two for One Monitor Upgrade
11/1/10 09:12 PM

I agree with you, which is why I'm saying that it IS definitely newsworthy and post-worthy, but I'm just saying it's not 3 posts-in-a-week or whatever worthy. It seems like it's either overkill, or trying to milk content from one news item to fill posts.

Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?
10/29/10 10:23 PM

@randomname yes, but it's not like this is the first MBA ever. I mean, I'd get it if it was the first model, but this is just a refresh on an older model. Certainly significant to discuss and explore and even contrast, but that can surely be done in one relatively brief post.

Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?
10/29/10 01:16 AM

Holy Macbook Air overload, batman.

Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?
10/28/10 07:33 PM

But, again, it's called APARTMENT Therapy, not MANOR Therapy. Yes, it's great to get inspiration from houses such as this one (and it's a gorgeous house!), but the internet already has a ton of blogs, and there are a ton of magazines, that fit that niche. I would argue that many/most people come to Apartment Therapy because they are looking for realistic, real-world decorating, design, and organization solutions for the apartment/small-space dweller.

I don't see what the varying price of real estate has to do with it. Yes, I can buy a farm out in the boonies cheaper than an apartment in Manhattan or a house in Victoria, BC, but that is irrelevant to the site. It's supposed to be a site that's aimed towards apartment living--particularly small-space living.

If they're going to change that, that's fine, but I think that as a loyal reader for several years and someone who has purchased the books, etc., I at least should voice my concern for the direction of some of the content of the site because it honestly turns me off of AT. And if I'm thinking it, I'm sure others are--there are probably people who don't want to comment or are hesitant to in fear of any backlash.

I love AT, that's why I've been reading it daily for years, but I prefer that it sticks to the Apartment and small-space concept because that's why I come here.

Lisa & Dan's Curated Family Farmhouse
House Tour

10/28/10 07:27 PM

I would imagine that it's a kind of enamelled cast-iron like the rest of their stuff?

Colorful & Two For One: Le Creuset Two-in-One Pans
10/27/10 08:19 PM