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okay, thanks to my wildly-organized husband, I found our color chips (filed away in a folder, under "home improvement", no less.)

here we go:
dining room: american tradition "garden path SR703"
living room: american tradition "lake marsh SR710"
office wall (red): valspar "classic red 1009-2"
master bedroom: olympic "bamboo C12-2"
nursery: american tradition "frosty 5006-9B"
kitchen blue: valspar "fountain mist 5005-9B"

we bought all of these at Lowes.

thanks for all the positive feedback!

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11/14/07 08:53 AM

Hey, THANKS for the positive feedback!!

In response to some of the above comments:

The dining room chandelier was purchased from, after searching the entire internet and all of atlanta for the perfect light fixture. That said, it was ridiculously difficult to install. Hire a professional if you were seriously thinking of getting one.

St@cy, we actually do have 2 sets of the nesting cubes. They came as a set of 4, and I split them up :)

The photography... that's my husband. He's a professional, so while the house *wasn't* staged, I can see how it might come off that way.

Laura, I'm totally with you on the furniture arrangement in the living room. It bothers me too. I'm also looking for a rug for that room... it's too brown and green for my taste right now. Any suggestions (under $500)?

The bedroom rug came from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago. That was before I knew how difficult it is to find a great (and affordable) rug!

And, aweekinparis, I'm definitely aspiring to have some wonderful classic chairs in my dining room one day...

thanks again for all the lovely feedback! Oh, and we live in Grant Park (great neighborhood, by the way, for city-dwellers who need some character and a little space!)

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10/23/07 05:27 PM