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Good one. Was going through a sensory nightmare as I read it. :)

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Plastic Furniture Covers Right Now
4/1/14 01:26 PM

Love all these ideas. I made my own cloth a sharpie on muslin and use bits and pieces of it here and there in my sewing.


10 Ways to Makeover Your Home with
Just a Sharpie!

2/5/14 12:56 PM

therealsuzie -- how did things end up in your kitchen? What kind of floor and what color walls did you end up with? I like your use of dark brown instead of black for the countertops. Wood w/black seems 70's to me.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

9/3/12 01:14 PM

I'm comin' over. This could set off a blog hop in comments!

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12/22/10 03:04 PM

Here's another way to sew 'em up so they're ready for both mailing and under the tree. Take a look. And thanks for picking up my idea!

Turning Paper Bags into Gift Bags
Good Idea

12/16/10 07:31 PM