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I bought a huge world map (50" x 33") last year, and have always wanted to have it framed, but getting it custom-framed is way too expensive. Any ideas for how to find a cool/inexpensive frame?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Found & Salvaged: Extra-Large Wall Art
10/15/09 10:34 AM

Who makes the white dining table? I love the baluster-look of the stand.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bridget's Bridge by Curtis Robertson Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge, Room #1
1/21/09 01:46 PM

My brother is currently renovating a 1920s craftsman style home, and I'm looking for a good Christmas present for him. Any ideas?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Open Thread 139 Chicago
12/2/08 12:50 PM

Does anyone know of a tulip table like the Ikea and CB2 ones but smaller (28" or smaller?) I love the look, but don't have the space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Affordable Dining Table Should I Get For My New Apartment?Los Angeles
10/16/08 09:38 AM

The blue looks so wonderful and welcoming with all that natural light! It feels like somehow the air is more clear. I love the map on your wall, where did you get that?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #4: Noodle's Mood-Matching Colors
10/7/08 07:46 AM

What about a saarinen tulip side table? getting the authentic one might be a bit financially difficult, but there are imitations out there.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Side Table Suggestion?Los Angeles
9/10/08 10:58 AM

Are you sure you need stools at the bar? 47" is a good height to use for standing and eating. Perhaps you could use the stools elsewhere in your apt and treat the bar as a stand-and-eat bar.
But, if you're not the stand-and-eat type, Kaboosts are really cool and could be a fun, modern and temporary upgrade to the stools.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Fix for Low Stools at a High Counter?
7/28/08 11:29 AM

Pick me!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 09:21 AM

As you shop for a couch, don't feel like you're limited because of the size of your entryway. I used this service:

to disassemble my couch, move it to my new (much smaller) apartment and reassemble. The guys were like little gnomes! Looking at the couch today, you wouldn't even know that they took a power saw to it! The price was reasonable and cheaper than buying a new couch, definitely!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can We Find This Couch?
4/28/08 07:20 AM

I am moving to a new aparment and I would like to incorporate some of the amazing ideas that I have seen on this site. But, as is typical, I can't remember a few.
After searching the site for a while, I'm asking the loyal readership for help.

1) There was a chrome wall-mounted towel rack that was curved (kind of like a basket) and mounted above the door to the bathroom. Does anyone remember who made that towel rack?

2) In one of the house tours, there is a bedroom with large dark wicker/teak baskets under the bed. Can someone help me to locate those baskets?

I'm hoping some of you can help, and I promise to start writing these things down.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 533
10/3/07 03:25 PM

My experiences with craigslist have been hit or miss as well. In Charlotte, NC, I sold a used bike to a 10 year old boy who happily peddled away. The bike was a bit too big for him, but his father assured him that he would grow into it. It felt nice to see my bike go to someone who was very excited to use it. In New York, however, I have found Craigslist to be one scam after another. This is mostly in the apartments section. It is just sad to see the sleazy, manipulating brokers taking over the open forum for people who were trying to avoid the brokers in the first place. I'm beginning to think that there is no way to avoid the unfortunate 20% brokers fee in this city...

Apartment Therapy - Craigslist
8/28/07 06:07 AM

I have had great luck finding large floor mirrors at TJ Maxx/ Homegoods!

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Large Floor Mirror?
7/6/07 11:28 AM

Oh, if only Manhattan apartments (read: manhattan apartments that I can afford) came with such great outdoor space. Sarah, you have really done a great job. I love the deck tiles.

Outdoor Home: Sarah's Cocktail Retreat
6/21/07 12:05 PM

Do you have any ideas of a good place to find a good selection of bed linens for guys? So much of the good, high thread-count bedding is either boring (white with monograms...) or flowery and girly. Where can you find good linens that will satisfy both sexes?

Open Thread 406
4/4/07 11:15 AM