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yes $40 is a lot to drop for what looks like a votive...but i've got some fakes and some real glassybaby's and the difference when they are lit is if nothing else they make a fantastic gift at a reasonable price there is a color(or 8) for everyone to love and incorporate into their decor

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5/17/11 04:27 PM

Well the room might be all that in terms of new colors, but that room makes me completely crazy! I have no idea where to look next, I'd be running for cover after 3 minutes in there.

Color Inspiration: A Pantone Perfect Living Room
2/28/11 04:56 PM

Absolutely beautiful...I could happily live there for the rest of my days! What is on the walls of the hallway, it's amazing...

Small Cool 2010: Anu's Creative Freedom Tiny Division # 8 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/9/10 12:27 PM