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Tar Beach by Faith Ringold is a book I will never be without, and my "kids" are 17 and is beautiful .

15 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books Ever
8/5/13 11:58 PM

Oops meant unit ubiquitous in our Ontario city.

Your Biggest & Smallest Living Room Problems??
2013 Reader Forum

1/6/13 02:56 PM

I love my living room-definitely a work in progress, but good at this stage too. The current issue is window coverings. We have 4 large (4 x 5 foot high windows) side by side looking out over our mostly treed front yard. Currently we have tortishell bamboo blinds which let in a bit of light when down and easily pull up during the day if we like. Great until one of my neighbours said they didn't need reality TV because they can watch us at night!
So..... We have been trying to find some sort of more private solution. But want to be able to have unobstructed views when we want them. We don't want curtains or drapes, are interested in shutters and the windows have a deep 5" sill so they could look good. It is a 50's ranch and I think that the California shutters that are ubiquitous in our Ontario Canada home are going to look like an avocado coloured fridge in a few years. Any brilliant suggestions?

Your Biggest & Smallest Living Room Problems??
2013 Reader Forum

1/6/13 02:54 PM

A little side trip to (realistic) perspective camp! This is so close to my reality-I love it! A happy kitchen which is well and lovingly used.

Deb Perelman's Tiny Smitten Kitchen RentalKitchen Tour
11/15/12 11:05 AM

Old cheddar, carmelized onion, and apple slices - grilled on grainy bread. So good

Beyond Peanut Butter & Jelly: More Sandwiches with Jelly and Jam
9/17/12 07:09 PM

I have to say you have hit one of my biggests irritants. Since when did America come to mean only t he USA? I live in America too, however my house is in southern Ontario, Canada. I don't live in Toronto, but think it is likely one of the very best cities in America to live in. Semantics matter.

America's Best Cities: Is Yours
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8/10/12 11:10 PM

I call self seeders volunteers - I think that came from my Mother. In my garden in London, Ontario, my very favourite volunteer is verbascum or mullein. The common variety is seen in ditches by the high way and is yellow. Somewhere I purchased a more gentrified white and a pink variety and they have spread via their seed all over my naturalized garden. I love the spikes of colour.

5 Favorite Self Seeding Plants The Gardenist
6/7/12 01:16 PM

It was just my birthday on Monday , I had a day off, made my own cake, tidied up the house while everyone else went back to school or work after the holidays -it was a great day

Birthday Cake Recipe: Double Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
1/11/12 09:49 AM

these stories speak to me so much. My mom taught me how to cook and bake. She was very ill most of my childhood and couldn't participate in things out of the house so much of our life centred around the kitchen table. I remember her teaching me how to break eggs or fold in eggwhites, all the different tricks of measurement. She even taught me how to make homemade marshmallows! We had a cookbook called the American Womens Cookbook which we used for everything - as I remember it was very tattered and worn. When she died that was the only thing I wanted and it was missing. Years later I found a copy in perfect shape in a used book store and cherish it ( and use the recipes) I am now making recipe boxes for my 2 children (15 and 19 ) and every year for about the last 10 years I give them hand written family recipe cards as Christmas gifts.

Coming Home to My Mother's Kitchen
11/10/11 12:45 PM

is that blond hair I see on you, Maxwell?

Review: The Keetsa Pillow Plus
A Year in Bed

9/26/11 03:36 PM

I love that documentary! Especially the line,"Who the hell wants a kitchen and bathroom".

Bill Cunningham's Furniture Free Life
6/17/11 11:53 PM

our peonies are just starting to rise above the soil and the buds are tiny - I can't wait - maybe this year I will remember to put up the supports for them!

Flickr Find: A Seasonal Favorite - Peonies!
5/20/11 11:20 AM

the therapist part is essential - I took part in the 'clean' that took part in this past fall and it changed my life - I finally tiled ( with my own hand made tile) our outdated fireplace - though was too shy to share - and my husband and I opened our house for an amazing party - we need to take ownership of our living spaces and how they profoundly affect our experience of living on this planet at this time - thanks again for reminding me of this

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Part 2 - Your Home is a Path, Not a Place

4/11/11 01:55 PM

finding apartment therapy coincided with my discovering how happy, rooted, and content taking care of my home makes me. Thank you very much.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Intro & Part 1

3/28/11 03:46 PM

the gooseneck loosestrife remind me of summer - I just bagged the remnants of a large patch of it from my garden, getting ready for winter. I am loving this 'cure' and don't want it to end.

Day 17: Buy Flowers
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/9/10 11:05 AM