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The orange room is STUNNING!!

Apartment Therapy - #40- Emily's Biggest Canvas
10/26/07 11:53 AM

It's pretty cool...too many pics of the same thing though. I LOVE the chairs and couch, and endtables, but for a color contest, there needs to be more of it

Apartment Therapy - #39- MzzMac's Adventurous and Outgoing
10/26/07 10:08 AM

Dude, you're supposed to show how your whole house has color. Not multiple pics of your dresser etc. Not good sorry.

Apartment Therapy - #38 - D's Comfort Inn
10/26/07 10:05 AM

Love the originality!!!! GREAT WORK! The Space invaders wall is priceless!!!

Apartment Therapy - #36 - Michelle Brian Are Tired of White
10/26/07 10:03 AM

A LONG SHOT!!! Not good.

Apartment Therapy - #37 - Heather and Erik's Delightful Domicile
10/26/07 10:02 AM

yikes. Looks like an 85 year old lady lives there. And WHY on earth would you take a picture of fruit next to a book? Please tell me how that shows your homes colors....Anyway, this is A DEFINITE longshot!!!

Apartment Therapy - #18 - KimsKitchenSink's Relaxed Happy Home
10/24/07 02:04 PM

This is a color contest...the colors look muted, nothing matches, looks like hodge podge from a yard sale! The yellow curtains are the only things that I give props on.

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Plain Jane's Not So Plain Studio
10/23/07 08:26 AM