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Our favorite blankets at home are Ethiopian gabbies. They are woven cotton, and so warm in bed. The trick is putting using the gabbie between your sheets. And that you and your SO each have your own gabbie. It helps hold your natural body heat close to you on cold nights.

Snuggle Up: The Best Blankets
11/4/10 01:22 PM

@bepsf - I know the feeling, and would love to be on a ship right now too! I love home, but there is something to be said about a vacation that can make you feel like you have a home away from home.

So Good To See You Again: The Things You Miss Most
10/22/10 05:13 PM

We love our balcony too, and I can't imagine trading it for a yard.

Janel's Cafe Style Balcony Dream Outdoor Rooms | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/27/10 01:12 PM

Our place in KC is not a condo, so we haven't renovated. We feel that is a fair traid off for the amount of space, great porch and good location. I am sure our apartment is not as luxurious as Sheilalady's grandparents' place in Winnipeg.

The apartment was orignially designed to have a good size living room, dining room (with seperate entrance), sitting room, one bedroom, bathroom and a very large kitchen (with seperate entrance). The butler's pantry was turned into a utility closet long before we moved in. We have changed one thing that has greatly enhanced our use of the space. We have our bed in what was originally designed to be a private sitting room, and turned the bedroom into a huge walk-in closet.

The Kansas City Colonnaded Walk-Up Flat | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/7/10 02:30 PM

My husband and I live in one of these apartments, and we love it. The porch has really spoiled us. We spend almost every nice evening outside having dinner and enjoying the sunset.

The Kansas City Colonnaded Walk-Up Flat | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/5/10 02:01 PM