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Does anyone know of a system where I can set up tasks, and list tabs to open to complete that task, but not leave them open on the machine. i guess kind of like a task list where each task can also include a browser with a set of tabs to complete the task, and a note. so I can set up the task, and add tabs to it as I work on other things and gather my resources, then when I'm ready to do that task, all my resources can be popped open, or closed down and saved for later if I haven't gotten to it.

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4/18/12 11:02 PM

more than i need to count, but really, i just wanted to know more about this "sofa of power" thing.... what is it?

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11/23/09 01:39 PM

I love the bedspread on the left hand side green bed. its lovely. where is it from?

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11/12/09 05:23 PM

get a cabinetry person to convert the small drawers into wider drawers, without altering the exterior look, but making the interior more functional?

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5/11/09 11:52 AM


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12/26/08 05:21 PM

will this hold up to dip? or are they not *that* crunchy? they sound lovely.

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11/5/08 07:59 AM

If youre on the east side, or south side of providence, Adlers, at the end of wickenden, is a local small hardware store, run by a lovely old couple who are nothing but helpful.

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10/23/07 04:34 AM